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United Radio’s Communication Division is pleased to announce its marketing campaign for 2024. Where safety begins…encompasses the wide array of services and products we offer to our customers throughout New York State. Best known for our 2-way radios, equipment sales and installations, United Radio is also honored to offer a complete line of security, surveillance and detection products and services. Our consultants and installers backgrounds are properly vetted for trust and security, as well as proper and current certifications for install, sales and repairs. Whether you are a commercial business, school, municipality, fire, police or EMS customer, we are ready to provide you with up-to-date, statistically proven products that exceed your needs and standards to keep you and yours safe. Safety begins here at United Radio, your trusted partner and advisor for over 100 years! 


Supply Chain Alert: We continue to have a backorder from radio manufacturers. Backorders include most radio models and batteries. Please know that we are doing all we can to expedite orders when possible. As we have done in the past, when orders come in, they are turned around to the customer within 24 hours. We will continue to keep our customers informed. Thank you for your patience.

Meet our Security Expert, John Reidy, Retired 1st Deputy Chief Investigator of NYS Office of the Attorney General

Since 1998, Ret. Det. Reidy has been responsible for more than 300 investigators, Special Operations Surveillance, Technology and tactical operations for the New York State Attorney General’s office. Through his relentless pursuit of justice, Ret. Det Reidy has impacted convictions of organized crime members, felons and white-collar criminals.

John was also responsible for creating a Statewide Investigative Technology support unit as well as a secure computer network to support electronic surveillance and video surveillance operations that enabled a high volume of cases. 

Ret. Det. Reidy began his career in the Syracuse Police Department as a Detective in Intelligence, Criminal and Special investigations. Special appointments include several advisory committees such as State Emergency Preparedness, Office of Interoperability and Emergency Communications, and the Division of Homeland Security Senior Advisory committee.

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We have seen some instances where an organization is under pressure to provide security, so they simply purchase a system to “check the box”. To achieve proper safety with any system, there are a few things to have in place prior to buying and installing the detectors. Here are just a few things to have in place prior to purchase. 

  1. What exactly am I trying to prevent? (specifically what items am I trying to detect)
  2. Do I have the proper people in place to operate and maintain the equipment?
  3. Is there a standard operating procedure in place for use?
  4. What is our policy once a detection is made?
  5. How are we willing to balance proper detection vs. people waiting in line?
  6. What is our overall commitment to the safety of our assets?

All too often, organizations find themselves needing a system but, in many ways, do not want the system’s requirements that are necessary to properly protect and detect. Security is not just about the type of equipment you purchase; it begins with the commitment of the organization’s resources to ensure the system can provide the safety necessary. Understanding and identifying your short term and long term needs as well as a budget and operating procedures are critical before selecting a product. When you invest in proper planning, commitment and consistency, people will be safe.

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Preventative Maintenance Packages

Your equipment endures high levels of wear and tear as well as unforeseen utilization damage. Regular maintenance and awareness of critical issues before they interfere with effective operation is critical to your equipment's life span. Protective maintenance saves time, money and guarantees user safety. Click the button below to view and download our Preventative Maintenance Package Sheet.

Preventative Maintenance Packages

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