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April Monthly Meeting

Join us for our monthly UPC meeting and the April program: "Managing Transitions" presented by PVSchools Lead Counselors, Koni Withers and Jackie Clayton. Learn what to expect as your student transitions from elementary school to middle school and then middle school to high school. All are welcome to attend!

Wednesday, April 24, 2024

9:00am UPC General Meeting

10:00am "Managing Transitions"

This meeting will be held both in person and online.

To attend in person, please join us in DAC East/West at the District Office: 15002 N 32nd St Or, please register in advance HERE to receive the Zoom link.

View the UPC Facebook Event HERE and click "Going"

Meeting Agenda


View the March 27, 2024 Meeting Minutes

We will be collecting donations of NEW bike helmets for foster children at the UPC meeting. Linda Sredzinski's husband, Eric, was seriously injured recently in a bicycle accident. Linda manages the VIP (Volunteer In Paradise) Program. Recycle Your Bicycle provides recycled bicycles to foster kids in Arizona. We want every kid who receives a bike to remain safe while they are riding their bike. We know from Eric's accident that bike helmets save lives! The VIP Program will be collecting donated bike helmets for foster kids on Mondays (9am-12pm) through May 13th.

We are happy to announce the UPC Slate of Officers for 2024-2025. Current UPC Representatives in good standing will be eligible to vote in the election which will be held during the April 24, 2024 UPC meeting.

UPC 2024-2025 Executive Board Slate of Officers

President - Julie Blumenreich

VP Programming - Jennifer Izenstark

VP Membership - Andrea Convey (Year 2)

Secretary - Kristin Trautman

Treasurer - Laura Miyazaki (Year 2)

From the UPC Bylaws:


A. Executive Board is comprised of the elected officers which includes a President, two (2) Vice Presidents, a Secretary and a Treasurer.

  1. The PRESIDENT will schedule at least eight (8) General Meetings during the school year, preside at all meetings, commission Standing and Select Committees, appoint Chairpersons to lead such committees, and will represent UPC when necessary before the Governing Board and media. In the event of the temporary absence of the President, he/she shall designate an Executive Board member to act on his/her behalf.
  2. The VICE PRESIDENT OF MEMBERSHIP will act as liaison between UPC and the schools, maintain an up-to-date list of all UPC members and those in good standing, act as an aide to the President, circulate and record attendance at each General Meeting, coordinate the review of the UPC By-Laws at least every two years and perform other such duties as requested by the President.
  3. The VICE PRESIDENT OF PROGRAMMING will plan and coordinate programs, events and schedule meetings. He/she will work with the President and the Executive Committee to establish goals and will perform other such duties as requested by the President. 2
  4. The SECRETARY will record and maintain the minutes of all General and Executive Committee Meetings, and perform other duties as requested by the President.
  5. The TREASURER will deposit all funds in UPC’s bank account, maintain a current and accurate account of receipts and expenditures, present a financial report at each meeting and prepare a written annual budget for voting membership approval at the first General Meeting.


A. Only UPC Representatives shall be nominated for office.

B. Only those Representatives who have signified their consent to serve if elected shall be nominated for or elected to any office.

C. Any candidate for President or Vice President must be an eligible Representative for the current full operating year; or a member of the Executive Committee for six (6) months prior to his/her election.

D. If no eligible candidate agrees to serve in an officer position, two eligible candidates may be considered to share an officer position (except President) provided both candidates consent to the shared position. If a position is shared, there is only one (1) vote for that position during Executive Board voting.

E. Nominations shall be accepted from the floor provided the candidate is present or has agreed in writing that he/she is willing to serve in that capacity, and meets the qualifications for that office. 

UPC Bylaw Review Committee

At the April 24th UPC meeting, we will also be voting on a few revisions to the United Parent Council Bylaws. As dictated in our bylaws, a committee reviews and recommends bylaws revisions at a minimum every two years. You may review the updates in advance of the meeting using this link. If you have any questions regarding the process or the bylaws, please contact membership@pvupc.org

United Parent Council's Geri L. Morgan Volunteer Award honors volunteers who display dedication and service to community as exemplified by late UPC member, Geri Morgan. In her memory, UPC annually recognizes a consummate volunteer who has made an outstanding contribution of service.

This year, UPC is honored to recognize Jenny Patton with the 2024 Geri L. Morgan Volunteer Award! Over the years, Jenny has been an active volunteer at Desert Springs Prep, Desert Shadows Middle School and Paradise Valley High School. She is also active in the community by volunteering with Shoebox Ministries and being an active member of the National Charity league, Cactus Wren Chapter.

We have amazing volunteers in PVSchools and we congratulate all of the nominees who will all be recognized at our Wednesday, April 24th UPC meeting.

The 2024 Geri Morgan Volunteer Award Nominees are:

Glen “Burt” Burton - Sonoran Sky Elementary School

Deb Kozak - Pinnacle High School

Rhonda Patterson - Shadow Mountain High School

Jenny Patton - Desert Springs Prep, Desert Shadows Middle School, Paradise Valley High School

Stacey Pearson - Whispering Wind Academy

Danielle Rothleutner - Whispering Wind Academy

Nisha Shah - Pinnacle High School

Monica Snyder - Horizon HS

Jody Tayler - Mercury Mine Elementary School, PVCFB

Melinda Turner - Wildfire Elementary School

Thank you to everyone who submitted nominations! And thank you to all the amazing volunteers in PVSchools!

Thank you to everyone who submitted a letter to recognize an amazing teacher or staff member! UPC Reps, please pick up the bags for your school after the UPC meeting on April 24th!

New on UPC's YouTube Channel!

Special Needs Planning: How to Prepare for Your Child's Future with Emily Kile, Esq.

You can view the recording HERE.

An Overview of Special Education Programs and 504 Plans in PVSchools

You can view the recording HERE. 

School Finance Issues Explained!

Ms. Jill Barragan, Assistant Superintendent of Business Operations, explains the different sources of public school funding, state and federal laws and the role voters play in school funding.

You can watch the recording HERE

Supporting Gifted and Twice Exceptional Tweens and Teens

You can watch this presentation HERE!

Supporting Diverse Learners in PVSchools!

Hear from Karen Brown, PV's Director of Gifted Education, about the program options for gifted students as well as those that qualify for Special Education services. 

You can watch this presentation HERE!

Teen Suicide and Depression Prevention Workshop by Teen Lifeline

If you missed this important presentation, you can watch the recording HERE. .

View the Teen Lifeline Resources List HERE
View the presentation slides HERE

Career and Technical Education

(CTE) Programs

PVSchools offers a wide variety of Career and Technical Education different programs at all five high schools. You can view a list of CTE Programs available at each school HERE. This presentation includes videos of many of the CTE programs and would be great to watch with your student!

Watch the recording HERE.

Fine Arts in PVSchools

Learn about the many programs and opportunities for students to learn more about the fine arts. Also, learn the steps a student needs to take in order to earn the Seal of Fine Arts upon graduating from any of high school.

Watch the recording HERE.

The Gifted Committee and PVSchools' Gifted Education Department have been working together to bring parents information about the variety of gifted programs available in the district.

You can watch videos of all the recent presentations on UPC's YouTube Channel:

CREST Program, click HERE!

Digital Learning Center (DLC at Sunrise Middle School), click HERE!

Journey at Mountain Trail Middle School, click HERE!

North Valley Arts Academy (NVAA), click HERE!

Early Childhood Programs, click HERE!

Learn more about the many Gifted Programs available in PVSchools HERE! .

PVSchools Resources for Families:

HERE is UPC's List of Health and Wellness Resources 

View the District's list of Resources for FamiliesEnglish and Español

PVSchools is hiring! Check out career opportunities HERE! 



Your participation is vital to the success of UPC and to supporting our students and PVSchools. 

If you have any questions or suggestions, please email President@pvupc.org. 

With gratitude for all you do,

The 2023-24 UPC Exec Team 

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