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tropical hurricane approaching the USA.Elements of this image are furnished by NASA.

Why Specify United Enertech Hurricane Louvers?


At United Enertech, we offer a range of Miami-Dade County approved hurricane louvers designed to minimize storm damage to structures. These louvers meet hurricane design criteria and meet Miami-Dade Test Standards and Florida Building Code Test Standards.

Annual Forecast 2023

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s annual forecast, which was recently released, the Atlantic hurricane season that started June 1 is expected to be fairly normal. The agency predicts 12-17 named storms, with potentially four of them turning into Category 3 hurricanes. Last year’s 14 named storms resulted in billions of dollars in damages.

Our team is here to help answer questions so you can specify the best louver options for your project. Contact us to learn more!

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AMCA 500L Test Data

  • Beginning point of water penetration lies above 1250 fpm
  • Pressure Drop: 0.18” w.g. (intake), 0.16” w.g. (exhaust) @ 1000 fpm
  • Free Area: 48%

Best in Class: 50 MPH Wind-Driven Rain Classification/Core Velocity (fpm)


Vertical Blade Hurricane Louver

  • 3" Deep vertical blades
  • Pressure Drop: 0.19” (intake), 0.14” (exhaust) at 1000 fpm
  • Free Area: 46%


Horizontal/Vertical Blade Hurricane Louver

  • 9" Deep Hurricane Louver with horizontal front blades
  • Meets the standards for High Velocity Hurricane Zones (AMCA 540/550, TAS 201, 202 & 203)
  • Is Miami-Dade County and Florida Building Code approved


AMCA 500L Test Data

  • Beginning point of water penetrations lies above 1250 fpm
  • Pressure Drop: 0.14” w.g. (intake), 0.10” w.g. (exhaust) @ 1000 fpm
  • Free Area: 50%

Made in the USA

Made in the USA

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Headquartered in Chattanooga, Tennessee, we design, develop, and manufacture air movement and control products in our 185,000 sq. ft. facility. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer customization, while meeting the needs of our fast-paced industry.

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