Unexpected CAHPS* Gaps:
Communication and Training ?
Communication means "a passage between places"
Training means "to learn how to get from here to there"
At and between visits, how can you strengthen communications--
create a passage --for caregivers to feel more supported?

How can you bridge training-- help them get from here to there --
with 24/7, accessible resources?

How can you foster communication and train other family members and friends who provide direct care, but never meet with your team?
Bridge These Gaps with Composing Life's
CAHPS* Oriented Video Trainings

"CAHPS Hospice Training for Teams" (and Patient Care Volunteers)

"Hospice Training for Caregivers & Families" (with add-on Spanish versions)

Explore samples below for bridging communication and training.
Sample Quiz Questions for Your Hospice IDG/Team Members and Patient Care Volunteers
For Teams, About Our "Final Moments" Video for Caregivers and Families
Evaluation Question from Our "CAHPS Hospice Training for Teams"
Samples from Our 24/7
"Hospice Training for Caregivers & Families"
Branded to Your Hospice, Messaging, and Contact Information
(Optional Add-On: Spanish Audio and Texts)
* CAHPS refers to the Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems. These hospice training materials are published by Composing Life, independently of the CAHPS Agency for Healthcare and Research. Still, these training videos and tools are designed and delivered to support the CAHPS Hospice clinical topics, its themes of communication and respect, and its purpose for advancing our understanding of the patient/caregiver experience with healthcare.
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Consider Using HIPAA Compliant
TeleHealth/Counseling Technology to
Bridge Communication Gaps
For more personal, visual interactions with caregivers than just phone.

Great communications support for your on-call/triage, office based support staff, and bereavement counselors.

What interests you? Matches your needs?
Generates ideas?
Dr. Joy Berger
Composing Life, CEO