24 Adar, 5783

March 17, 2023

Parshat Vayakhel-Pekudei

If I asked you what the two sections of the actual building of the Mishkan were, you'd probably say "the kodesh" and "the kodesh hakodashim." And you'd be right! 

But if I then asked you to translate both of those terms, you'd probably translate them as the "holies" and "holy of holies." And, according to Rav Hirsch, you'd be wrong. Rav Hirsch claims that when we double language as we do in the term "kodesh hakodashim" it doesn't just mean "holier than the kodesh." 

For example, the term "eved avadim" doesn’t just mean a very lowly slave, it means the slave of a slave. Meaning, the master of an "eved avadim" is also a slave. Similarly, when we say that Hashem is "Melech hamelachim" or the "Melech malchei hamelachim," we don’t just mean that Hashem is the best king, or the most “king” compared to other kings, we mean that Hashem is the King who grants dominion to humans, enabling them to become powerful leaders. There is no comparison between Hashem and a human king - Hashem grants the king their kingship.

The same is true with the kodesh hakodashim. It doesn’t just mean “holier than the kodesh, which already was holy”. Rather, it means that this is the place in the world where holiness stems from, where it flows from. All holy things get their holiness from the kodesh hakodashim, like a river that flows into and feeds different tributaries.

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March 29 - HS Chesed Trip Day

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This is the role of the kodesh hakodashim. It’s not simply that it is “holier than the kodesh,” but it is the source of where holiness stems from in our world. With this explanation, we can take a fresh look at terms that have been familiar to us for decades, and shed new light on them. 

Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Aaron Horn

Kohelet Yeshiva 23rd Annual Gala

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We are looking forward to Saturday night's information session regarding the Israel Judicial Overhaul Issue. Please note the following two points:

1. There is no connection between the Kohelet Policy Forum and Kohelet Yeshiva. Although these two entities coincidentally have the same name, they are not affiliated with one another in any way. The Kohelet Policy Forum is an Israel-based think tank that has been deeply involved in issues relating to Israel's judiciary and is completely unrelated to our school.

2. This event was organized by community members and was originally scheduled to be held elsewhere. Because this is an issue that has generated significant interest in the Jewish community and beyond, we viewed this as opportunity to present balanced views on an inherently complex topic and we are therefore pleased to be hosting this event.

We look forward to seeing you on Motza'ei Shabbat at 9:00 PM!

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News from Kohelet Yeshiva

On Thursday we commemorated our dear Lianna Saiman’s yahrtzeit by making a siyum in school on all of Chumash, which was attended by our students and faculty in grades 2-12, as well as Lianna’s family. After the siyum everyone enjoyed delicious donuts, which was one of Lianna's favorite treats.

Our 3rd and 4th graders then went on a chessed mission to the Jewish Relief Agency, which is something that Lianna enjoyed doing with her parents and siblings.

Our high school BMP students had the privilege of learning Torah from and with Rabbi Mordechai Willig, a renowned expert in contemporary Halacha and a Rosh Yeshiva at Yeshiva University.

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March 17th

Shaindy and Noah Lindenberg

On the occasion of the 15th Yahrtzeit of Shaindy's mother, Rochel Malka bas David, z"l, and Shaindy's grandmother, Yitta bas R' Chaim Meir, z"l.


March 16th

In memory of Lianna Tikva Saiman, my energy girl, on her first Yahrzeit.

Savta Chana


March 14th

Shari and Chaim Saiman

On the occasion of the 12th Yahrzeit of Dr. Joshua Feibusch, zt”l, grandfather of Eva (KY '24), Ayala and Annael Saiman (CTA).

May his neshama have an aliyah from the collective Torah and tefilot of the Kohelet students.

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