Attendance is mandatory at all 12 half-day sessions to receive an ACRE Certificate of Achievement with a focus on Customized Employment. Should anyone need to miss a portion of a training session, a recording of the training will be available for 24 hours. That person will need to ensure they request the link to the recording. They will then be required to watch the recording and complete any applicable homework assignment for that session. If there is not a homework assignment, they will need to watch the recording and email a brief synopsis of what they learned to the trainer. 

It is important to register for both training sessions using the link provided. Additionally, it is imperative that the name on the registration matches the name you will be using on your zoom account to sign in. If the names do not match you will not be granted entrance. This is an ACRE requirement. 

Registration is limited to 40 participants. Should more than 40 people register, those above 40 will receive a communication letting them know that they are either waitlisted or may not be able to attend. The ACRE Certificate will automatically be generated once attendance at all 12 training sessions has been verified. The certificate will be sent to the address included on your registration. A certificate will not be issued for anyone who does not attend all training sessions.   

Additionally, MG&A does offer performance-based certification in both Discovery and Job Development. Performance-based certification is optional and will incur additional fees. Although Illinois is not currently requiring performance-based certification, providers may want to consider this intensive process for their staff members who may wish to conduct Discovery or Customized Job Development Further information about this 3-year certification will be offered in both the Discovery and Job Development training sessions. Additional information is also available on the MG&A website,