April 2023

Anyone from Greater Seattle knows that we don’t do things like everybody else. There’s a duality to this region that makes it the perfect place to work, to build your ideas, to live, and to change the world. Nowhere else will you find a place that’s ambitious, innovative, and business-minded while at the same time wild, nonconformist, and a bit unconventional. So if you’re looking for a common place, this isn’t it. But, if you’re driven by new ideas like we are, come join us.

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Where the latest trend in coffee is a thousand years old.

Campfire Coffee roasts coffee over a campfire, the way people did it for hundreds if not thousands of years before industrial roasters became status quo.

Our traditions transform the modern market.

Eighth Generation became the first Native-owned business in the US or Canada to reclaim a market that had been dominated by non-Native companies using fake "Native-inspired" designs for over a century.

Where sustainability goes above and beyond.

Eviation Aircraft recently successfully completed the first flight of its zero-emission aircraft. Its electric propulsion units, high-energy-density batteries, mission-driven energy management, and innovative airframe are designed from the ground up for electric flight.

Our run clubs stop pandemics in their tracks.

Just - Evotec Biologics is creating a paradigm shift in biologics development and biomanufacturing – running on a mission to accelerate access to quality antibody therapeutics, wherever in the world they’re needed.

Our college professors moonlight as startup founders.

Namatad was recently issued a phase 2 Small Business Technology Transfer grant to adopt its technology for Department of Defense for use by special warfare units.

We stay calm under pressure. Lots of it.

OceanGate developed the world’s only human-occupied submersible capable of carrying five crew members to 4,000 meters and expeditions to the Titanic.

Our definition of business isn't exactly common. That's exactly why you should be here.

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