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June 2024

We are a spiritual fellowship dedicated to building beloved community

within and beyond our doors.

Minister’s Musings with Rev. Julie Lombard

Summer offers us the gift of RENEWAL.

“The single overriding objective in wellness is creating constant personal renewal where we recognize and act on the truth that each day is a miraculous gift, and our job is to untie the ribbons. That’s the Law of Esprit: living life with joy.” ~Greg Anderson 

It has been years since I had time off in the summer. For the last few years, I served a UCC and UU church in Vermont, but let’s face it, was more UCC. They met with lighter attendance in summer, but they never stop worshipping. They continue to keep going strong well after Pentecost, and they are renewed by the Bible as they follow the lectionary.

What is this crazy minister saying? That church kept going all year? No, choir didn’t sing and Sunday school didn’t meet, but the rest went on as usual with a few folks away. Snow birds returned and settled back in and church continued. Sounds terrible, right? But it’s not.

Why? Because you see your church friends and you remember who you are -- and whose you are – and that you belong to a beloved community. So, this summer, I hope you get a chance to get away and relax, and I also hope you come to church for your own good.

May you reconnect with friendly faces and consider things you’ve never thought you might. May your heart and soul continue to grow and your mind be free from worry. And come on by to church to renew your soul and lend a hand. Volunteer to lead a reading during summer worship or even facilitate a service. Nancy Baker can guide you on how. If you haven’t learned this by now, she’s a great teacher and you’ll find her on the first page in our church directory.

I know this is a tough sell to a bunch of intellectuals who like to do their own thing. Going to a church isn’t like anything else we own or do where we get to decide what to do and when to do it. Well, maybe a little…. Church is a magical place where we gather as one to renew our spirits --- so why would we not come to church in the summer when we are freer to break out of our many usual habits?

Okay, if you must… go to the mountains to visit a waterfall and collect water for the water communion. Go to the beach and get your water sample while splashing someone you love! But don’t forget there’s a seat for you here at church this summer, and it’s waiting to renew your soul.

Perhaps I’ll see you at church on June 30 or at Ferry Beach on September 8 – or somewhere in between. Then we will welcome everyone back for our ingathering Water Communion on September 15 – so remember to collect water from wherever your summer might find you.

From the President's Desk  -

As I approach the end of this seven-year Board journey -- complete with four ministers, one global pandemic, and many, many helpful faces along the way -- I find that I have both a lot and very little to say.

First, I want to say, "Thank you for the opportunity." I cannot help but be grateful for the sense of agency I’ve been granted, and the personal growth opportunities that came along with it. Historically, this introvert always wants to help, yet doesn’t want the spotlight. But, if I’m forced to do some public speaking, I'd be hard-pressed to find a more supportive audience. I'm coming away from my presidency with more confidence and calm as I move forward in the world.

It’s been an interesting journey, with easy and difficult decisions. The difficult times were easier to bear because I wasn’t alone. Furthermore, I acknowledge that we are neither trying to, nor able to, make everyone happy. We are ultimately striving to serve our UUCM mission. When faced with the choice of doing what is easy or doing what is right, our principles and mission statement always illuminate a clear path forward.

If I can bequeath one practice, it is this: that the folks stepping out of leadership roles continue to serve as mentors and/or sounding boards for the next group of people picking up the baton. Not to influence, mind you -- just to advise when and if needed. I am grateful to have had such a resource, and I, in turn, will be available for our next President. We are all stronger together. We need fresh voices and perspectives to move us forward so that we do not remain mired in the way we’ve always done things.  

Let's find more ways to keep the channels of communication open. Beyond email, let's talk. Actively and productively engage with each other.

Lastly, please, come find me at coffee hour. This week or any other. Let's talk about the things that get you out of bed in the morning, the interests and passions that drive you. Maybe, together, we can find a way to grant you your own sense of agency here at UUCM -- both for your enrichment and ours.

Scott Blanchard

UUCM President

June’s Worship Theme - The Gift of Renewal

 Read more.

June Worship Services

Sunday Services at 10:30 a.m. (in person and on Zoom)

June 2 - Growing Together

Rev. Julie Lombard

June arrives, reminding us of summer. Graduations are underway and many things are coming to an end. Some of us go away while other snowbirds return. It is good to be together and celebrate this sacred time. We have a few more weeks before lay-led summer services begin. Throughout June we will consider the many things for which we are grateful and we will use this precious time to call attention to the ways we have shined brightly. Let us enter, rejoice, and come into this special time of our end of church year celebration. We have spent a bold and beautiful year together. Let us reflect back over our year. Please join us for worship as we formally welcome our newest members and recognize our Board members who are stepping down and stepping up.

June 9 - Flower Communion: Shining Brightly

Rev. Julie Lombard

For decades, UUs have been bringing a flower on this day -- from a garden, from fields, or from the roadside. All blooms are welcome! This ritual signifies that it’s by our own free will that we join with one another -- and our gathered flowers are a symbol of our unity. The significance of the flower communion is that as no two flowers are alike, no two people are alike, and each has a unique contribution to share. We will honor all those who contribute to this shared ministry. (That’s you, so come!) Our bountiful bouquet would not be the same without each flower, and so it is with our church community. It would not be the same without all souls. Join us as we honor someone very special to us. Please join us for this special service – an affirmation of our ever-blooming, beloved community.

Stay for our picnic lunch after the service. (See details later in this newsletter.)

Summer Services: June 16 – September 8

This summer, Sunday services will be both familiar and a little different. They will offer opportunities for connection and spiritual renewal, be varied in format or ways to participate, and they will, as always, welcome newcomers. There is something for everyone who wants to stay connected in this way over the summer. June summer services (below), except June 23, will be held in the Sanctuary at 10:30am, but the time, location, and format for others in July and August may differ from week to week, so be sure to check each week’s email announcement for details.

June 16 - Lasting Impressions

Nancy Baker & the Worship Team

First impressions are important, but perhaps making a lasting impression can help us integrate with new people in deeper ways. How do we value who we are and how do we welcome others into a lasting relationship instead of simply making a first impression. (Today will have a regular worship service format, but be a little shorter in length.)


June 23UUA General Assembly (GA) Livestream (1:00-2:30pm EDT)

In lieu of a service at UUCM, you are invited to view a livestream of the GA Sunday worship service “Weaving Our Lives”. You will find a link to the service as well as a list of speakers and featured musicians at https://www.uua.org/ga/off-site/2024/sunday-worship. This year’s GA will be virtual (June 20-23), so you can attend certain public events from anywhere. The theme "Love Unites, Stories Ignite" celebrates the profound impact of love as a binding force that transcends boundaries and fosters connections within our faith community and beyond. Learn more and see the schedule at https://www.uua.org/ga. Public videos and livestream events are listed at https://www.uua.org/ga/off-site/2024.

June 30 – Charlotte’s Web

Rev. Julie Lombard & Erna Johnson

Today’s service will be centered around this timeless classic of rescue and rethinking. 

Congregational Business

Highlights from the May 19 Annual Meeting

  • A slate of candidates for the UUCM Board, Congregational Development Committee (CDC), and Trustees of the Endowment was submitted and approved. 
  • The budget for 2024-2025 was approved.
  • Read the annual reports of UUCM committees here.

Only Two Weeks Left!

  • Be a Worship Reader.
  • Greet at the Garden door.
  • Pass the collection basket.
  • Help make coffee and set up.
  • Bring snacks for coffee hour.
  • Help with coffee hour cleanup.

Click to Sign Up To Help.

Picnic in the Garden - June 9

In June each year, we celebrate with a picnic in the Shelley garden, next door. Weather permitting, we'll set up a potluck lunch under the trees right after the worship service. Amy Conley will provide music. You are invited to bring ready-to-eat fare to share -- appetizers, salads, sandwiches, fruit, dessert. Beverages will be provided. Bring one of your collapsible chairs too!

UUCM - Your continual love & care does not go unnoticed!

Many thanks to:

Sacred Quilt show volunteers came from many churches; those from UUCM were Lynn Coakley, Marti Kennedy, Linda Higgs, Julie Adl-Zarabi, Kristin Rounds, Brenda Perry, David Harris, & a big thanks to Sherri Sinclair.

Music Director Search Team for continuing to lead our MD Search.

Property & Maintenance Teams for hosting the Church Clean-up on 4/6.

UUCM Choir - Y’all sound so marvelous & thanks for your warm welcome to the

various MD candidates.

Stewardship Team for working with staff to prepare our budget, getting stewardship speakers for worship services, and organizing/hosting the Stewardship Circle Dinners.

Circle Dinner Hosts: Michael Conley, Holly Hornor, Bob Thompson, and Mark Rohleder

& Laura Lynch.

"Why We Give" storytellers: Lisa Murray, Judy Eriksen, Kristen Rounds, Graham Smith.

Story for All Ages - John Bigl for stepping up to help CYC as our storyteller, starting in May.

Justice Ministry - Laura Lynch, Michael Conley, and Susan Keirstead for their Earth Day worship service stories.

Care Team for all their hard work supporting and loving up our members through hospitalizations & other needs.

Worship & Amy Conley for their extra work with no MD or tech support.

Comm Team for trying to solve the intermittent internet issue (Bryan Higgs & Stu Davidson)

Committee on Ministry for respectfully addressing right relations in our ministry wherever they surface.

Ping Pongers for bringing joy to Barnum every Wednesday evening at 7pm.

UUCM Board for voting to become community partners with other area churches to host the Sacred Quilt Project.

STAFF & COMMITTEES for their annual reports, and Jamie Ferrier for pulling them all together.

UUCM -- Your continual love and care does not go unnoticed!

Milford Pride Festival

Saturday June 1, 12-4pm

Join us at the new Granite Stage in Keyes Park (corner of Elm St. and the park driveway). We've tripled the size with more than 30 vendors, including handcrafted items, food trucks, Kona Ice, and UUCM volunteers staffing our Kindness Wall. There will be 6 musical acts performing throughout the afternoon, so come on over and say Hi!  Everyone is welcome!

Ferry Beach Registration is Open NOW!

Join Us at Ferry Beach

September 6 - 8, 2024

We hope you can join us on the beautiful coast of Maine!

To learn more about this UUCM tradition, visit the 

Ferry Beach page on our website.

Then click here to BOOK YOUR STAY!.

After paying, you will receive a booking number and a notice that a confirmation email will be sent with instructions for you to log into the portal to complete the web check-in.

Keep that booking number handy, as you will need it to complete the check-in process.

Questions? Contact your Ferry Beach Coordinators, Scott and Amy Blanchard.

Ferry Beach Scholarship Fund

If you need assistance in paying for the retreat, please don't hesitate to reach out to the office or to Rev. Julie.

NOTE: Scholarship requests are due by July 1!

Or, if you are able to make a donation to the scholarship fund, it will be greatly appreciated!

June Happenings

Community Supper

Wednesday, June 19, 5:30-6:30pm

Take a night off from cooking and join some friends at church for supper! The menu changes monthly, and we always offer a vegetarian option. Questions? Or want to volunteer to help? Contact Nancy Danzinger.

UUCM Ping Pong!

Wednesdays @ 7:00pm

Come play ping pong with us every Wednesday in Barnum Hall. Hope to see you there!

Summer Newsletter (July-August) Deadline

June 20

There will be one newsletter serving July & August. All submissions are due by June 20.

More Recycling at UUCM

Yes, we do! - The Maintenance Team recycles what Milford accepts at the Transfer station -- plastic bags, paper, metal cans, some plastics. See signs in the kitchen. You are encouraged to recycle in your town!

Compost - We have a compost bin outside the church for church waste, including leftovers on food plates or from food prep, all of which goes into the large marked plastic bucket in the kitchen.

SHARE Needs Your Support in June

Each month SHARE asks UUCM to help stock their food pantry that serves clients in Milford and surrounding towns. Please help our neighbors this month by donating toothbrushes and toothpaste, deodorants, shampoo and conditioner, bar soap, feminine hygiene products, diapers and wipes. Leave items in the box in Barnum Hall, or click to see where to drop off food donations at SHARE.

To contact UUCM leadership:

  • Jamie, our administrator, is in the office from 10am-2pm on Monday, Thursday. and Friday. To schedule an appointment, please email office@uucm.org. On Tuesday and Wednesday, she works remotely and can be reached by email. 
  • Rev. Julie can be reached at minister@uucm.org or call 603-673-1870 x2. For time sensitive or urgent situations, text or call Rev. Julie at (603) 724-0978.
  • The UUCM Board can be reached at board@uucm.org.
  • Pastoral Care Contact Person for the month of June is Karen Walsh

Newsletter deadlines: 

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  • Directory & Committee Listings - You will find the newest directories here under the Member Resources tab on the UUCM website.
  • Technical help - Send email to commteam@uucm.org.

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