Opportunity for Good:
Are you a renter? Are you behind on rent or utilities due to COVID 19? Or are you a landlord and have tenant(s) who owe you rent? Or do you know someone who might be struggling with rent debt? If so, good news. Governor Newsom signed new legislation that extends eviction protections until September 30, 2021 and expands the rent relief available to both tenants and landlords. Tenants and Landlords can now receive 100% of accrued rent debt, as well as assistance with utility bills. Go to Housing Is Key for more details.
Food for Our Souls:
UUCC Gallery View Service, July 18th, 11am
Join us as we explore "How Millennials 'Do' Religion" for our July 18th Gallery View Sunday. We will watch and discuss a video by Nathaniel Drew, a 21-year-old YouTube influencer with over 1.4 million subscribers. Nathaniel is a voracious reader of books— including many religious texts—which he interprets for a younger audience as a way of figuring out life, acquiring mental clarity, and fostering authentic social connections.

More than any preceding generation, Millennials are driving the growth of "None's" (those who are unaffiliated with any organized religion). Thirty-six percent of Millennials claim "None" status, compared to Boomers' 17 percent. What's driving Millennials away from regular church attendance is not a rejection of spiritual development but a dismissal of traditional religious sources for ethical guidance. According to a Pew Research report, 46 percent of Millennials prefer using common sense as a source of moral guidance, versus only 23 percent seeking that guidance through organized religion, or 12 percent drawing ethical direction from science.

Also, come enjoy a beautiful rendition of John Lennon's "Imagine" by our talented music director, Tom Devine.

For the Order of Service, click here.
Please join us at 11:00 am Pacific, 2pm Eastern.
Pre-service gathering conversations begin at 10:30am.
Gathering for service and music begin at 10:55 am.

Meeting ID: 661 775 5196 Password: UUseesea
UUCC First Sunday Service, August 1st, 11am
The Touchstones Theme for August is Communion. On Sunday, August 1st, Esther Wallace returns to speak to us. Her sermon is called “To Touch Our Bread Deeply and Become Reborn: Meditations on Communion."

What do you think of when you encounter the term “Communion?” Perhaps the word Communion invites a sense of deep, mutual knowing, or an association with the sacrament of the Eucharist—or the memory of another ritual or spiritual practice. As members of a multireligious faith tradition, what might it mean for us to practice Communion together? What shapes might practices of Communion take in our lives? Whether you have a regular practice of Communion or have no particular experiences with it at all, you are warmly welcomed to encounter the possibilities of Communion in our time together!

Esther Wallace works and plays in the realms of meaning-making, sacred space, and social justice. Esther is profoundly interested in emergent spiritual communities and the intersections of ministry and disability. She is in the final stages of her Master of Divinity degree at Starr King School for the Ministry.
UUCC Goes to 2021 General Assembly
Thanks to UU San Mateo, UUCC was given a spot to attend UUA General Assembly this year for the first time. Dave Rokosky, a UUCC founder and longtime Planning Committee member, was our representative.

General Assembly is the annual gathering of Unitarian Universalists, where we conduct business of the Unitarian-Universalist Association, explore the theological underpinnings of our faith, and lean fully into our mission and principles. The theme for this year's Assembly was "Circle 'Round for Justice, Healing, Courage."

We are now well into the second quarter of the 21st Century. Our Association has grown in its understanding of systemic oppressions, such as racism, ableism, and heteronormative beliefs. However, many people feel the language of Article II of our bylaws (which contains our statement of Principles and Sources) does not reflect these learnings. A special Article ll study commission was established at the 2020 GA and its report is now due at the 2022 GA.

Meanwhile the 2021 General Assembly affirmed three Actions of Immediate Witness which means they are policy for our congregations. You can click below and learn what our faith’s position is on some of the defining issues of our time:

UUCC and UUFSCC Announce
Joint Shared Pulpit Course for Fall 2021
We are so pleased to announce the start of The Shared Pulpit Program, sponsored by the UU Coastside Community and the UU Fellowship of Santa Cruz County. Our two instructors, Dr. Tovis Page and recent Starr King Graduate Dr. Kathryn Jay, will teach this fun and informative 8-session class over Zoom.

The Shared Pulpit Program, created by the Rev. Erika Hewitt, is designed for lay people to practice crafting sermons based on their own lived experiences. In the Unitarian Universalist tradition, we talk of ministry as something “shared,” something we all practice together in community. Sharing spiritual reflections in the form of homilies and sermons during worship is one way we practice shared ministry. And anyone can do it—with some practice! In this 8-session virtual program, we will explore the art of sermon-crafting and practice writing and preaching progressively longer reflections in a small group setting. As we gain practical skills, the process is primarily one of spiritual growth and deepening connection. We look forward to taking this journey with you!

We will be using Erika Hewitt’s book, The Shared Pulpit: A Sermon Seminar for Lay People (2014). Copies will be provided to all participants. To accommodate the geographic spread of its participants, the program will be held entirely over Zoom to accommodate the geographic spread of participants. Each session will be 2 hours long, with brief reading and writing assignments in between sessions. Regular attendance is crucial to the integrity of the program, not only because the sessions build on each other, but also because of the group trust we’ll need to create and maintain. So we ask participants to try to attend all the sessions.

Classes are free to participants and may start as early as mid-August. The first two classes will be one week apart and then classes will be spaced out around every 3 weeks to allow enough time to complete the writing exercises. The options to meet are either weeknights from 7pm to 9pm or Sunday afternoon to allow those who work full-time to attend. A commitment of eight weeks may seem like a lot but after the first two classes, the commitment is only a monthly two-hour Zoom meeting, plus time for reading, writing, and reflection. 

If you are interested in signing up for the course, please email uucoastside@gmail.com. Class size is limited and we only have a few spots still available.
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We Need You!
We’re looking for volunteers:
(1) Social Media Coordinator: to manage our twice-monthly newsletter, and upload content to our website and Facebook page. A four-hour commitment every two weeks.

(2) Zoom Session Management: We'd like to train two more people to switch slides during our Zoom virtual services. If you are comfortable working or playing with your favorite computer apps, you'll love learning Zoom's cool features!

(3) Fill our newsletter with the diversity that makes UU stand apart from other faiths. Send in poems, inspirational quotes, YouTube music video links, social action notices, and articles of interest to uucoastside@gmail.com.

Thank you to all who have or continue to volunteer!
Food for Our Souls:
Unitarian Universalist Coastside Community
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