Opportunity for Good:
It is not an overstatement to say that our democracy is in peril! It is critical that US Senators support S1, the For the People Act, and that they vote to modify the filibuster rules. SwingLeft is hosting Saturday phone banks to focus on West Virginia and Arizona. You call residents of these states who are then patched through to Joe Manchin, Kyrsten Sinema and Mark Kelly, urging them to support S1 and vote to modify the filibuster. The next two weeks are an important time to call because the Senators are back in their districts during the 4th of July recess. When they return to Congress, July 12th, they will head back to work to pass filibuster reform and support voting rights!  Keeping up the pressure now only increases and will bring success later. Call times are on Saturdays from 1pm - 3pm, PST. Click here for the Mobilize Link.
Food for Our Souls:
UUCC First Sunday Service, July 4th, 11am
The Touchstones Theme for June is Journey. Our beloved Kai Marks returns to talk with us on Finding the Hero Within: Exploring the Sacred Aspects of the Hero's Journey. Join us as we explore how to be the protagonist in our own lives. Joseph Campbell said that heroes are people who dedicate their lives to something greater than themselves. What makes a hero in our world today, and how do we find something greater—either to connect with or to dedicate our lives to? How do we find meaning and purpose and make the world a better place for ourselves and each other?

And when music inspires, we thank our music director Tom Devine.

For the Order of Service, click here.
Please join us at 11:00 am Pacific, 2pm Eastern.
Pre-service gathering conversations begin at 10:30am.
Gathering for service and music begin at 10:55 am.

Meeting ID: 661 775 5196 Password: UUseesea
UUCC Joins UUCLC on Sunday, July 11th, 9:30am
On Sunday, July 11th, Diana Paxson, a well known Elder and writer in the Pagan Community, will speak at UUCLC on "Carrying a Torch for Liberty." On January 6th, as people waved American flags and attacked the US Capitol, we saw how symbols can be corrupted. Diana will speak on how we can reclaim and restore American symbols by using Pagan spiritual technology and symbols to support and strengthen the foundational principles of our Democracy.

"The true spirit of America is enshrined in the symbols of our land. In each election season, let us kindle a light from the torch of Lady Liberty to banish the fear and dispel the hopelessness that clouds the mind, and keep that light burning until we are once more a land of liberty and justice for all." —Diana Paxson

This service is adapted to UU sensibilities from a ritual presented at
a major West Coast Pagan Convention last year.

During these Zoom times, smaller UU churches like UUCC and UUCLC often put in the same production effort as medium to larger UU churches with less volunteer staff and a smaller budget. It greatly helps morale to have more people attend, so please consider joining UUCLC Zoom services on these second Sundays. UUCLC puts in over 40 hours to produce their once-a-month service! Please note earlier start time at 9:30am.

(start time at 9:30am)
Meeting ID: 255 020 8121 Passcode: Chalice
UUCC Gallery View Service, July 18th, 11am
More than any preceding generation, Millennials are driving the growth of "None's" — referring to those who are unaffiliated with any organized religion. Thirty-six percent of Millennials claim "None" status, compared to Boomers' 17 percent. What's driving Millennials away from regular church attendance is not a rejection of spiritual development but a dismissal of traditional religious sources for ethical guidance. According to a Pew Research report, 46 percent of Millennials prefer using common sense as a source of moral guidance, versus only 23 percent seeking that guidance through organized religion, or 12 percent drawing ethical direction from science.

Join us as we explore "How Millennials 'Do' Religion" for our July 18th Gallery View Sunday. We will watch and discuss a video by Nathaniel Drew, a 21-year-old YouTube influencer with over 1.4 million subscribers. Nathaniel is a voracious reader of books— including many religious texts—which he translates to a younger audience as a way of figuring out life, developing more mental clarity, and fostering more authentic social connections.
A Special Thanks to Nancy Palmer
We would like to give a shout out to Nancy Palmer for her current duties as UUCC's most excellent bookkeeper along with acknowledging all she has done for UUCC. We would not be here were it not for Nancy's post on NextDoor in July 2015, asking if there were any interest in starting a UU congregation here on the Coast. Nancy served on the Planning Committee for four years where she functioned as UUCC's Secretary/ Treasurer before deciding to retire after her 80th birthday. Nancy continues to keep busy tracking UUCC's income and expenditures and writing up monthly financial reports. She also creates and sends check requests to UUSM each service to pay our guest speakers, technical crew, and musicians out of UUCC's bank account which is cared for by UUSM. Without Nancy's continued volunteer efforts, we would be much the poorer for it. A long overdue THANK YOU to Nancy Palmer for all she does and continues to do for UUCC.
Joys & Concerns:
One of the ways we weave community is by sharing aspects of our lives with each other, our joys and concerns. For our upcoming service, please email your Joys & Concerns to uucoastside@gmail.com.
Compassionate Caring Committee:
The UUCC Compassionate Caring Committee volunteers are often able to support our members during life events such as post-operative, illness, or can’t go out. Do you need food delivery or an errand run? Are you feeling loneliness, loss, or grief that a call might help?
Please contacuucoastside@gmail.com if you’d like support or if you want to volunteer.  
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We Need You!
We’re looking for volunteers:
(1) Social Media Coordinator: to manage our twice-monthly newsletter, and upload content to our website and Facebook page. A four-hour commitment every two weeks.

(2) Zoom Session Management: We'd like to train two more people to switch slides during our Zoom virtual services. If you are comfortable working or playing with your favorite computer apps, you'll love learning Zoom's cool features!

(3) Fill our newsletter with the diversity that makes UU stand apart from other faiths. Send in poems, inspirational quotes, YouTube music video links, social action notices, and articles of interest to uucoastside@gmail.com.

Thank you to all who have or continue to volunteer!
UUCC Planning Committee Meeting Highlights
Below are some key decisions from UUCC's Planning Committee meeting for June:
  • Approved proposal for Shared Pulpit Class, to be taught by Tovis Page and Kathryn Jay.
  • Evaluated the new Gallery View Sunday format.
  • Ongoing planning for our 6th anniversary service, August 1st, including fundraiser.
  • Discussed joint activities with CoastPride.
  • Approved renewing subscription to Touchstones themed ministry.
Food for Our Souls:
Unitarian Universalist Coastside Community
Half Moon Bay, California
Bill Heavlin, UUCC Planning Committee
Dave Rokosky, UUCC Planning Committee
Noreen Cooper Heavlin, UUCC Planning Committee
Tom Devine, UUCC Music Director
Bruce Rafnel, UUCC Technical Director