Food for Our Souls:
Opportunity for Good

The news is full of stories about former president Trump and his cronies' plans for a second term implementing authoritarian rule. Examples: the widespread deportation of non-nationals, and the restriction of government positions to those who aligned with their agenda. How are we as Unitarian Universalists called during these times when our democratic system appears to be under threat? How might one resist? This coming Tuesday, December 12th, at 5pm PSTRev. Cecilia Kingman will give a Zoom presentation entitled, “Recognizing and Resisting Fascism as People of Faith.” In addition to being an expert on authoritarian systems, Rev. Kingman is a Unitarian minister and interfaith activist. As part of a fundraiser for the UUSJ, you can register for the talk here. Free tickets are also available for those in need.

If you know any seniors who'll be spending the holidays alone, please let them know about these two opportunities. Senior Coastsiders in Half Moon Bay is holding a Holiday Lunch with roast turkey on Friday, December 22nd, sign-in by 11:30am, with lunch from 12noon to 1pm, ($4 dollar donation appeciated). And Half Moon Bay I.D.E.S. Society holds an annual Christmas Senior Dinner at I.D.E.S. Hall with crab cioppino on Monday, December 25th, the door opens at 4:30pm. For more information, call the Senior Center at (650) 726-9056 and IDES Hall at 650-726-2729.

Touchstones December Theme of Plurality

In the spirit of honoring religious plurality, we wish you all Happy Diwali! Happy Hanukkah! Blessed Bodhi Day! Happy Winter Solstice! Merry Christmas! Joyous Kwanzaa! Happy Holidays and Peace in the New Year!  Below are a partial list of December holidays along with the condensed list of core values from each religion. We've also added Humanism, the cultural celebration of Kwanzaa, and Islam, whose important holidays took place earlier in the year.

Buddhism/Bodhi Day (Dec. 8):

Mindfulness, Right Speech, Meditation, Non-Violence, Harmony, Self-Restraint, Equanimity

Christianity/Christmas (Dec. 25):

Faith, Hope, Generosity, Kindness, Forgiveness, Peace, Compassion.

Humanism (year-round)

Curiosity, Critical Thinking, Reason, Empathy, Creativity, Service.

Hinduism/Diwali (Nov. 12):

Positivity, Optimism, Truth, Right Conduct, Love, Peace, Non-Violence.

Islam/Ramadan (start March 23) and Eid al-Adha (June 29):

Peace, Faith, Prayer, Charity, Kindness to Others, Justice, Healing the World

Judaism/Hanukkah (Dec. 7 - 15):

Belief, Justice, Healing the World, Charity, Kindness to Others, Hope, Resilience

Pan-African Unity/Kwanzaa (Dec. 26 - Jan. 1):

Unity, Self-Determination, Volunteerism, Cooperative Economics, Purpose, Creativity, Faith.

Wicca/Winter Solstice (Dec. 21):

Mirth, Reverence for Nature, Honor, Strength, Beauty, Compassion, Wiccan Rede (if it harms none, do as thy will).

UUCC Holiday Party Service, Sunday, December 17, 11am

For this year’s winter holiday celebration on the third Sunday, December 17th, we’ve decided to have more of a community bonding holiday event rather than a formal service with the theme of “What Do the Holidays Mean to You?” Do you have a fond memory or funny story you wish to share about holidays past? Do you have a favorite holiday-inspired poem, a song, or short reading to share? During the service, we'll be playing some recordings from our greatest holiday hits from past year's fundraisers. Afterwards, we'll celebrate with a potluck. So far, we have tea sandwiches, eggnog, tea, coffee, and holiday cookies and treats. But we're looking for more potluck contributions.
The holiday party and potluck will be at Odd Fellows Hall from 11am to 1pm. We'd love any help in setting up for what promises to be a very festive gathering. There will be no Zoom broadcast or recording for the December 17th holiday service. Please email us at if you have a gift of song, poetry, story, or treats to share with our beloved community.

UUCC First Sunday Service, January 7th, 11am

The Touchstones Theme for January is Justice. On January 7th, we warmly welcome back Ron Ahnen, PhD, as our guest minister, to the UUCC pulpit with a sermon entitled "The Challenge of Peace."

As we begin a new year, we acknowledge the pain of the on-going conflict in Gaza which has seemingly spilled out into the rest of the world. How is peace possible? How does this conflict touch our lives? In our New Year’s service, guest minister and Starr King student Ron Ahnen will reflect on how our UU values of pluralism, transformation, and love give us hope for creating a just and lasting peace in our lives and the world.

We will also hold a New Year's Communion Ritual (a flame-free Burning Bowl Ritual) where we're invited to reflect and release unskillful patterns and behaviors from the previous year. We'll write these reflections on a special type of paper which instantly dissolves in water.

Beautiful music is to be provided by Diedrik and Kaj Edholm and Vera Vanderschalk. And count on some lovely hymns led by Tom Devine.

This live in-person service takes place at Odd Fellows Hall, 526 Main Street, Half Moon Bay, CA, 94019. Mask wearing is no longer mandatory but we encourage this added protection as a courtesy to some of our elders. Odd Fellows Hall is quite spacious for social distancing and includes a new high-circulation air ventilation system. An option to watch from home is also available on the day of the service.

Deeper Conversations, December 30th, 1:30pm

Our next "Deeper Conversations on the Coast" is scheduled on Saturday, December 30th, 1:30pm, at the back table at Cafe Society, 522 Main St. in Half Moon Bay. Rather than use a conversation starter card deck, we'll take the opportunity to catch up on a year-end review. How has 2023 been for you? What has gone well for you and what needs improvement? How have you grown interpersonally, actively, mentally, emotionally, spiritually? What are you looking forward to in the New Year? Let's share our collective wisdom together as we turn one year wiser in the New Year.

UUCC Marches in "Night of Lights" Parade

For the very first time, UUCC marched along with Coastside Lutheran and Pescadero Community Church on behalf of CoastPride's Multi-Faith Partners. With thousands of people in attendance in Half Moon Bay's annual "Nights of Lights" Parade, UUCC waved and wished everyone a "Happy Holiday" as we walked the length of Main Street. A special thanks to Bill Heavlin for creating the lighted UUCC sign, using wired coat hangers to shape each letter. And to Carlean, Gary, and Noreen for showing up to represent UUCC and its continued and enthusiastic support for CoastPride. Along the way, three others joined us from the crowd to walk on behalf of UUCC and CoastPride.

Call for Peace in the Gaza & Israel Conflict

Volunteer Jobs Needed for In-Person Services

Now that we are meeting in person on First Sundays, we need help in different ways. Can you commit to helping out in any of the following ways?

  • Photograph our January 7th Service
  • Bring flowers!
  • Greet people as they come in
  • Set up chairs before, and/or put them away after, the Service
  • Help unload and load video equipment for hybrid service
  • Assist with setting up video equipment for hybrid service
  • Pass out the orders of service and distribute hymnals
  • Clean up of the hall before closing

To tell us how you can help our Beloved Community come together again, please contact us at And thanks to all who have or continue to volunteer!

Compassionate Caring Committee:
The UUCC Compassionate Caring Committee volunteers are often able to support our members during life events such as post-operative, illness, or being homebound. Do you need food delivery or an errand run? Are you feeling loneliness, loss, or grief that a call might help?
Please if you’d like support or if you want to volunteer.  
We Appreciate Your Support:
For supporting UUCC financially, we have two options:
(1) Donate by Check
If you prefer to donate by check, please make your check payable to UU San Mateo, and write UUCC on the memo line. Please mail your check to:

Nancy Palmer
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(2) Online with Stripe
Food for Our Souls:
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