Agents & Haulers of National Forwarding Co., Inc. and National Van Lines, International Division & Affiliates

Angela Beusse, Director, Agent & Business Services


There was no advisory accompanying the updated form, but there has been just one small change to the form: the first bullet point regarding face coverings was changed FROM "[The crew] is equipped with - and will wear - face coverings per CDC guidelines" TO
"[The crew] is equipped with - and will wear - face coverings when required by CDC guidelines at" This change reflects the updated mask requirements announced in Advisory #22-0046, where crews need to wear masks only in counties where the CDC COVID community level is HIGH.

NFC's system has been updated to send Version 3 of the COVID Form to agents on our shipments. Please ensure your crews are using the correct version of the form moving forward.

If you have any further questions regarding this advisory, please contact
2800 Roosevelt Road, Broadview, IL 60155 - 800-722-9144