*** 2016 Budget Slashed ***

Fellow Aloha State Republicans:

This past weekend, the quarterly meeting of HRP's State Committee was held at party headquarters behind closed doors down on Kapiolani Blvd.  Someone must have released a heavy dose of nitrous oxide into the air conditioning, otherwise these party leaders from across the state might have committed mass suicide.
The unanswered question permeating every moment of this crucial pow wow:  WHY DO WE EVEN HAVE A PARTY??  ( more on this below)
The party's new treasurer -- conservative-turned-RINO Mary Smart** -- informed attendees that the Republican Party of Hawaii was now hurriedly and without state committee approval in the midst of slashing its 2016 state budget; massively chopping current spending so dramatically that you can't really call the organization "a party" any longer.
In the wake of party chair Fritz Rohlfing's infamous and failed War on Conservatives, fundraising for the Hawaii GOP has reportedly plummeted to "worst ever" levels.
[**Ironically, Treasurer Smart's very first vote cast as as a new officer on the party's executive committee was to hire a lawyer to sue HIRA for having the audacity to alert party members that they (i.e. YOU) are being kept in the dark by party leaders.  Maybe Smart is finally opening her eyes and some of that sycophant euphoria is wearing off as she reviews the cooked books.]
Anyway, with state party income way, way down, a revealing 'gut-punch' announcement was made:  Due to a major decline in contributions, and Fritz Rohlfing's unmet fundraising goals, the party's new finance director George Simons has been cut to part-time.  You remember, he was the ziplining exchange student plucked from obscurity to be Rohlfing's chief fundraiser.  Naturally, this major reshuffling of deck chairs means even less money will be raised; hence the cuts will keep being made for the foreseeable futureBut it gets worse . . .
Banks of party phones at HQ used for canvassing and ' dialing for dollars' and Voter Identification and Get Out The Vote and volunteer organizing have been disconnected along with a bank of TV's.  Clearly, Rohlfing's $5,000 energy-efficient light bulb initiative at party headquarters did NOT save enough money to save the 2016 election.
So now, all pretense of being a "party" has been stripped away.  All remaining funds in this very tight fiscal environment will be being directed to the overpaid and grossly inexperienced executive director, an expensive new photocopier insisted on by Pat Saiki, and the party's super-expensive ( and usually empty) 2-story suite of offices with massive overhead . . . including a $3,000 per month maintenance fee which would be better spent filling the airwaves with attack ads on the failed record of local Democrats.  Yes, the fancy headquarters and its paid staff and costly maintenance and ridiculous mortgage will remain standing while Republican candidates left and right get blown to bits by Democrats across the state.
Barely able to limp month to month like a corrupt nonprofit blowing its donor dollars on administrative overhead instead of its core purpose, party leadership announced this weekend that it has very little for candidate support and nothing for pre-election messaging to voters.  [Repeat this last sentence to yourself while thinking about what a party is designed to do.]
Chair Rohlfing's slate of do-nothing vice-chairs, each with specific and mission-critical duties, were too ashamed of their nonfeasance over the past year that progress reports weren't even given -- not even from communications director "Silent Andy" Mukk who hasn't even produced the most rudimentary "Why Vote Republican?" flyer for nonexistent party volunteers to take door-to-door.  He just sat contemplating his navel after being exposed as a do-nothing by HIRA 24 hours earlier.  This was brutal!!  But, hey, who needs a GOP communications strategy in an election year?
The vice chair for Community Service (at least on paper), "Fancy Nancy" Monahan, tried to divert attention from her uselessness ( what GOP community service events?) by proposing that the state party present an award of thanks to the Democrat outed last week by HIRA -- Democrat operative and activist Radiant Cordero who successfully infiltrated the Honolulu County GOP's top leadership 13 months ago.  Monahan's "resolution of thanks" to Democrat Cordero was actually adopted by a majority of the RINO's present.  Seriously!!  This happened while RINO Beth Fukumoto was pleading with HIRA to stop exposing her and her buddies like Cordero who are doing the bidding of the Democrats from inside the GOP.  HIRA received the credit for getting double-agent Cordero fired.
Now, the lowest point of the meeting was the grueling discussion which inevitably raises the question that few in the Hawaii GOP are willing to ask, let alone answerSo why have a party at all?
Various GOP officers asked aloud what the party was going to do to help this year's crop of brave GOP candidates, collectively and/or individually.  Here's the answer . . .
NOTE:  If you are a candidate (or if you know one), please stop reading now.  What follows is too depressing.
Here are actual words uttered by longtime party leaders ranging from district chair Elvia Giles to The Prophet Nathan Paikai and other 'leaders' behind closed doors:
"Forget the candidates."

"They're on their own."

"They should know that by now."

"They're not getting any help from us."

"That's not what the party is for."

"If you're a candidate, go do it yourself."

Holy moly, if that's how party leaders feel, then WHAT is the party for?  The Prophet ( a longtime Hellreich brownnoser who is currently running Hawaii's Trump for President campaign) made it abundantly clear that anyone who runs for office as a Republican in Hawaii is being thrown to the wolves.
Yes, for the titular head of the anti-establishment Trump campaign to be so cozy with a local RINO party establishment that cares more about helping party insiders than about winning elections is a really bizarre dual personality situation.  If you know "The Prophet", you'd know you are possibly dealing with what folks these days might describe as a 'certifiable' whack job.
Bottom Line:  Here in Hawaii, despite having all the issues on our side, despite having an electorate that is more energized than in 2012, despite having a lopsided legislature that has totally ignored the voice of the people, island Democrats will emerge stronger than ever.  This is thanks to the abject incompetence and RINO philosophy of our hijacked Republican Party of Hawaii.
It's also thanks, in part, to the direct political support being given to State Senator Sam Slom's Democrat opponent Stanley Chang by closet Democrat and GOP Minority Leader Beth Fukumoto.  Yes, 2016 is the year we might lose Slom and his conservative voice from the State Senate forever.  But since Chang is a member of Fukumoto's "Let's Help Democrats" Future Caucus, nobody at party headquarters seems to mind.

What sort of mismanaged political party knowingly and deliberately fails to perform its key functions , especially after being proven wrong in the last four elections that you cannot win if you only work six months from Election Day What type of organization squanders its limited resources on a self-serving party bureaucracy as opposed to getting Republicans elected to save our State ?  The answer:  The kind of party that is comfortable with the "status quo" of doing nothing while self-destructing every two years.
That's the Hawaii GOP which just admitted over the weekend that it knows in April that November will be an electoral disaster.
Yes, the finances of the Hawaii Republican Party are near rock bottom while state Republican parties on the mainland are enjoying record growth and record donations and record volunteerism and record enthusiasm and beefed up staff in 2016.
Now you know the rest of the story.  Get ready for Fritz Rohlfing and his wagon-circling band of blunderers to try telling you otherwise.