Call on leaders to OPPOSE A4708/S3515

Arts Funding is at Risk!

Oppose Bill A4708/S3515 NOW.

In the next 24-48 hours the State government will vote to either protect or jeopardize the stability of arts funding in our state.

We need you to take action NOW!

This last-minute bill will eliminate a safety net for arts & culture. 

In New Jersey, we have dedicated funding that provides for cultural projects to continue to be funded even if there is a budget shortfall. Through the hotel & motel occupancy fee cultural arts, history, and tourism can continue to be supported. This new bill diverts that funding away from culture to a general fund.



OPPOSE A4708/S3515


What You Can Do: 

  1. Contact your legislators. Use our action alert to send an email to your legislators to vote NO to A4708/S3515. But don’t stop there… call your legislators’ district offices and flood their inboxes with your concerns.
  2. Contact the Governor: We need a full press on the Governor to let him know how we feel about this bill, and that he should oppose it to show his true support of the arts in New Jersey. Your voice can make a difference.
  3. Call Governor Murphy: (609) 292-6000
  4. Text Governor Murphy: (732) 605-5455
  5. Text: Gov. Murphy I urge you to please VETO bill S3515/A4708, which would eliminate the “poison pill” provision requiring the Occupancy Fee to be funded at a minimum level of $16 million.
  6. Reach Out to Key Legislators: Even though the vote followed party lines, outreach to the following legislators is crucial. Call the following key legislators and let them know how you feel about this bill and the importance of protecting arts funding in our state:
  7. Senator Scutari: (732) 827-7480
  8. Assemblyman Coughlin: (732) 855-7441
  9. Assemblywoman Pintor-Marin: (973) 589-0713
  10. Assemblyman Greenwald: (856) 435-1247
  11. Share the Action Alert: Please share the link to the action alert sent last night, and the additional alert sent this morning, with your Board, staff, and networks. Spread the word far and wide.

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🚨 Urgent Action Needed! 🚨 The Senate and Assembly Budget Committees have passed a bill that removes crucial funding protections for NJ’s cultural entities. The next 24-48 hours will determine whether our state government will vote to protect or jeopardize funding for the arts. We need your help to stop this bill in its tracks and urge our legislators and the Governor to kill this bill and protect our arts funding! Contact the Governor and state legislators today. Share this post and the action alert with your network to make our voices heard! 

Send an email at: https://info.artpridenj.org/e/1016282/7pcec5a/2y3st/263247855/h/jjpTeXqPwg8CNFkniE6dRV9x14AquQpQ-a3SXVJuHB4

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