Let Legislators Know that Mothers Deserve More

Sunday is Mother's Day and women across Minnesota will be receiving well wishes and greeting cards with messages of gratitude. But moms want and need more than brunch and flowers!


Moms, and the people who love them, want equal pay and equal opportunities to contribute to Minnesota's economic prosperity.


On behalf of Minnesota's mothers, we urge you to support the common sense provisions included in the Women's Economic Security Act:

  • Expansion of unpaid family leave and reasonable accommodations for pregnant and nursing employees
  • Greater participation of women in high-wage, high-demand nontraditional work
  • Improved enforcement of equal pay laws
  • Protections from workplace discrimination based on being a mother
  • Support for women dealing with the economic consequences of domestic violence, stalking, and sexual assault
  • Expanded opportunities for grandparents to pitch in and use earned sick time to help care for grandchildren
  • Serious consideration of more options for increased retirement security

This year give Minnesota mothers something they really need, the Women's Economic Security Act. Please let your legislators know. Click here to download this message and send it to your legislators (more information below).

Call Your Minnesota State Representative TODAY!


The Women's Economic Security Act passed conference committee last night. We anticipate it will come to the House floor very soon and the Senate floor later this week. 
While there was incredible bipartisan support on both the House and Senate floor last month, there is a chance we will not see the same support this time.  Your help is needed! 
Calls and emails are needed to all members of the House today or early tomorrow morning. We especially need calls to go in to the following Representatives:
Jim Abeler, 35A  Bob Gunther, 23A Kathy Lohmer, 39B Joe Schomacker, 22A 
Paul Anderson, 12B  Rod Hamilton, 22B   Tara Mack, 37A Chris Swedzinski, 16A 
Sarah Anderson, 44A  Mary Liz Holberg, 58A Denny McNamara, 54BTama Theis, 14A   
Tony Cornish, 23B   Joe Hoppe, 47B  Bud Nornes, 8AMark Uglem, 36A 
Greg Davids, 28B  Jeff Howe, 13A Tim O'Driscoll, 13BDean Urdahl, 18A 
 Matt Dean, 38B  Brian Johnson, 32A  John Petersburg, 24A Anna Wills, 57B
 Bob Dettmer, 39A  Tim Kelly, 21A  Cindy Pugh, 33BKelby Woodard, 20A 
 Dan Fabian, 1A Debra Kiel, 1B Duane Quam, 25A Kurt Zellers, 34B
Steve Green, 2B  Ron Kresha, 9B  Tim Sanders, 37BNick Zerwas, 30A 
Click here for contact information for all House members. Find out who represents you here.  
Calls Needed to Senators this week!
Calls and emails are also needed to Senate members this week, especially the following Senators.

Tom Bakk, 3 (DFL)  Ron Latz, 46 (DFL)  
Terri Bonoff, 44 (DFL)  James Metzen, 52 (DFL)  
Gary Dahms, 16 (R)  Jeremy Miller, 28 (R)  
Michelle Fischbach, 13 (R)  Carla Nelson, 26 (R)  
Melisa Franzen, 49 (DFL)  John Pederson, 14 (R)  
Karin Housley, 39 (R)  Eric Pratt, 55 (R)  
Bill Ingebrigtsen, 8 (R)  David Senjem, 25 (R)  
Vicki Jensen, 24 (DFL)  Dan Sparks, 27 (DFL)  
Mary Kiffmeyer, 30 (R)  Bill Weber, 22 (R)  
Lyle Koenen, 17 (DFL)  Torrey Westrom, 12 (R)


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