UPDATE: Taproot's Drive Engagement Campaign
For over 15 years, Taproot Foundation has helped to define, build, and advance the field of pro bono service around the globe. In 2017, we are piloting Taproot Campaigns, a statement of our commitment to deepening the impact of pro bono service. Through our Drive Engagement campaign, Taproot is empowering nonprofit and corporate leaders to practice the essential leadership skills needed in our future workplaces and world through pro bono service.  

Below is a quick recap of the moves and shakes our team has been up to as we use pro bono service to develop leadership skills of the future. 
What You Need to Know
  • Pro bono as a leadership strategy is not only for the volunteer! Read how nonprofit Capital Good Fund used their pro bono project to build the project management skills of their team. With a growing leadership deficit in the nonprofit sector, pro bono can be an innovative way to develop nonprofit personnel.

  • Stay tuned for more information on upcoming convenings and gatherings!
Other Stuff to Check Out 
  • Nonprofit Leadership Alliance, a nonprofit dedicated to strengthening the social sector with a talented and prepared workforce, offers a variety of leadership courses for nonprofit personnel. Registration is open for their upcoming Virtual Alliance Management Institute, an online nonprofit career conference.

  • Are you a company ready to integrate talent development into your employee engagement strategy? We can help. Check out Taproot’s Pro Bono + Talent Development Roadmap for a step-by-step guide to get you started designing the right kind of program for your talent development goals.
Get involved!

Looking to use your leadership (or other) skills for good? Sign up to volunteer on Taproot+ and connect with nonprofits in search of your expertise.

Here's a small sampling of available projects: