TREE Faculty Honored with 2019 NM Humanitarian Award

One of our TREE Faculty, Jessica Goodkind, Associate Professor of Sociology, was honored with a New Mexico Humanitarian Award on Saturday, August 17, 2019. She was recognized for her efforts over the past 15 years to develop and implement the Refugee Well-being Project, which has brought together hundreds and hundreds of UNM students and refugee families to engage in mutual learning, mobilization of community resources, and system change to make New Mexico more welcoming to newcomers and improve their mental health and well-being. The Immigrant Well-being Project (one of two core research projects in the TREE Center) is a study that is adapting, implementing and evaluating this long-standing model with Spanish-speaking immigrant families from Mexico and Central America.

Congratulations, Professor Goodkind!
Well-being as a Multidimensional Concept: Understanding Connections Among Culture, Community, and Health
A new book featuring TREE Members and Affiliates, edited by IDC Member Janet Page-Reeves.

This new collection, edited by TREE Center Investigator Development Core member, Janet Page-Reeves, contributes to our understanding of the ways that culture and community influence concepts of wellness, the experience of well-being, and health outcomes. The book includes both theoretical conceptualizations and practice-based explorations. There are 19 chapters plus an introduction, and nearly 40 authors. This collection is multi-disciplinary and has sections on theory & frameworks, social relationships and culture, food, health systems, and data, policy & collaboration. The chapters are innovative in their concepts and findings, providing insights and new approaches for health intervention researchers, community health practitioners, health policy analysts, medical anthropologists, and others interested in a more nuanced, culturally and contextually situated understanding of the concept of well-being. As an edited collection, this book emphasizes and recognizes the quotidian ways that wellness is enacted and wellbeing is promoted in different cultural and contextual settings—that there are assets out there that are not appreciated or recognized. The following chapters feature TREE Center members and affiliates:
Janet Page-Reeves and Kara L. McKinney
“Speak your mind and heart in the Indian way”: Wellness and Agency among American Indian Elders
Elise Trott Jaramillo, Cathleen E. Willging,   Emily Haozous, Steven P. Verney, & Erik Lujan
Starved for Company: Rural Seniors, Social Isolation, Food Charity, and Impact on Community Well-being
Alicia Edwards & Janet Page-Reeves
From Cultural to Structural Competency: The Evolving Roles of Healthcare Providers and Medical Education Training to Address Persistent Disparities
Cirila Estela Vasquez Guzman & Andrew L. Sussman
Shifting Narratives for Behavioral Health Justice: The #NMspeaksCrisis Campaign
Jaelyn deMaría & Roberta Rael

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Call for Manuscripts

NIMHD Call for Manuscripts: Structural Racism/Discrimination
NIMHD is sponsoring a special issue of Ethnicity & Disease, "Structural Racism and Discrimination: Impact on Minority Health and Health Disparities," and inviting researchers, scientists, physicians, and others to  submit manuscripts . Abstracts are due by September 30, 2019.  Follow the above link for additional information.