Basil A. Price has served as the dedicated Director of Security for the Department of Public Health (DPH) at ZSFG for the past nine years, exhibiting an impressive track record in developing, implementing, and managing comprehensive security programs. His responsibilities encompass ensuring compliance with regulatory agencies while overseeing the coordination of security services both internally and through contracted agencies.

Before his work with DPH, Basil accumulated a wealth of experience in various facets of security including roles at Kaiser Permanente and within law enforcement agencies such as the Federal Bureau of Prisons and the Alameda County Sheriff's Department. His background in private policing in Cleveland, Ohio further enriches his expertise in the field.

Despite being a department of one, Basil has demonstrated unwavering dedication to safeguarding the ZSFG campus, addressing security risks, and fortifying the institution against unforeseen disasters. He navigates challenges stemming from institutional inertia and fosters a proactive approach to security that emphasizes preparedness and resilience.

Basil’s commitment to the hospital’s safe and secure environment extends beyond conventional security measures. He champions initiatives aimed at enhancing empathy and community engagement within the security team across campus, aligning duties with the overall mission and values and the hospital. Through training programs and a committed focus on patient and staff safety, he strives to cultivate a culture of collaboration and mutual respect.

In essence, Basil Price epitomizes the role of a proactive security director, leveraging his diverse experience and firm dedication to advance the mission of ZSFG and promote the well-being of its staff, patients, and visitors.