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Autumn 2023
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Habemus Pride Hall!

It’s been a busy summer-fall; in early July, we initiated the moves into Pride Hall after years of planning. On September 13, 2013, we held the official “ribbon-cutting,” a joyous celebration of the official opening of the building, which represents the 150-year partnership between UCSF and the City and County of San Francisco. The building was made possible by the City’s collaboration in the creation of a land lease as well as the University’s investment in the building. During the ribbon-cutting event, Chancellor Sam Hawgood, Dean Talmadge King, former Vice Dean Sue Carlisle, Supervisor Shamann Walton, and Mr. Ken Humphrey (Boldt Construction) shared heartfelt reflections on the importance of the building and offered bold hopes for the future.

I would like to extend my gratitude to each and every one of you who helped shape the vision for Pride Hall, the embodiment of our research and academic aspirations. Throughout the project, the Chancellor, Provost, and Dean supported the vision. The Governance Committee, the Design Work Groups, the RAB Transition Leaders, the specialty workgroups (such as the Biospecimen Work Group), and all future occupants have been integrally engaged in planning the building and moving into the building. The chiefs of service, department administrators, the Real Estate Project Team, Boldt Construction, and the community of investigators fleshed out the plans. Ms. Danielle Benford led the VOC team, which orchestrated the moves into Pride Hall in close partnership with Mr. Ron Blaj and Ms. Angela Donahue, Project Team leaders. Throughout the process, former Vice Dean Sue Carlisle, Associate Dean Margaret Damiano, Director Ron Campbell, and Project Manager Fraser Conrad championed, coordinated, and motivated everyone to ensure that the project would be successfully completed.

As we move into the building and work in the space, we will identify opportunities to innovate our work and optimize the space. I look forward to witnessing the impact of this important milestone, including new collaborations and impactful scholarship. Please share your successes and celebrations using #PrideHall on social media!

Elena Fuentes-Afflick, MD, MPH
Vice Dean
UCSF School of Medicine, ZSFG
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Resuscitation Bay Elegy

Jorden M. Klein, MD

Listen: sometimes the seizure doesn't break.
The bleeding doesn't stop.
The next breath stalls and stales
in the throat. Some days your spirit fungates
into the realm of disappearing things, of overdoses
and heart attacks and disseminated infections
and children hit by cars. Some days
you know only grief's soft underbelly, hear just
the weak murmurous beat: not yet, not yet, not yet.
Fate slithers down your spine like a drop of sweat.
You reach out your hand as if to touch something beautiful
and hope something reaches back. Things end.
I understand this. Despite everything,
I am afraid to let go; one night we crack a man's chest
and compress his empty heart until it beats back
into my hands-
though it inevitably stops once untouched
and afterward, alone, I felt the residual stillness
hot against my palm until it blistered.

Poetry and Medicine, JAMA. April 25, 2023; Volume 329, Number 16
Updates and Events at ZSFG
Celebrating UCSF Pride Hall Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
Wednesday, September 13, 2023
Zecret Heroes
Danielle Benford has been with VOC Associates for nine years, is now Senior Vice President, and is VOC's leader for the Pride Hall move process. She oversees nationwide transition and activation services, ensuring seamless moves for clients. Danielle’s expertise stems from previous roles in transition/activation and construction project management at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. She takes pride in turning plans into reality, enhancing productivity and experiences. Whether it's facilitating seamless moves or creating spaces that enhance productivity and the patient and family experience, Danielle is dedicated to her work. Her “Zecret” ingredient – precise communication and meticulous planning – sets her apart.
Noteworthy is Danielle’s success with the transformation of Pride Hall. She hopes that the people impacted by the changes felt the positive difference that her team's presence made. Danielle understands the upheaval that construction and moves can bring, and believes in thorough planning for smooth transitions, aiming to exceed previous standards. 
Danielle expresses gratitude for her colleagues and clients’ unwavering support, acknowledging their integral role in their success. She wishes the team at ZSFG, from lab managers to support staff, project managers, and PIs, the best in their new journey at Pride Hall.
Future Events
Staff Career Journey StoryCore
November 2023
A recording of the Fall 2023 UCSF Staff Career Journey Storytelling Event at ZSFG is available, along with past StoryCore recordings.

UCSF at ZSFG Faculty & Staff Appreciation
It's a time to thank you for your hard work and invite all onsite and telework employees to grab lunch at UCSF Pride Hall.

Join us​
 Wednesday, November 29th  
11:30 am  – 1:00 pm​
UCSF Pride Hall – 1st floor conference rooms

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COVID-19 Lessons Learned with Dr. Anthony Fauci
Dr. Anthony Fauci discusses COVID-19 lessons learned on October 5, 2023, ZSFG at UCSF Pride Hall.

Fun Fact
150 Years of Health and Innovation
The partnership between UCSF and ZSFG started in 1873 when we began to collaborate on clinical care, research, and education based on our shared public mission.

In a fascinating journey through time, ZSFG and UCSF celebrate an incredible 150 years of healthcare excellence. This dynamic partnership has not only transformed the landscape of healthcare in the Bay Area but has also set global standards in medical education, research, and patient care.

From its early beginnings as the City and County Hospital to its current status as a cutting-edge teaching institution, ZSFG has been a pioneer in medical advancements. Today, as a vital part of UCSF, it continues to be a hub for innovation, a training ground for future healthcare leaders, and a beacon of hope for patients from all walks of life. This remarkable journey is a testament to the power of collaboration and a dedication to improving lives.

Cheers to 150 years of ZSFG and UCSF and to many more milestones in the future!

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