Wednesday, August 3, 2022
Know Your Business Through and Through
Many businesses are created from passion, determination, and love. Every founder and CEO considers their business to be their baby, and because of that, they also consider their baby to be the prettiest in the world and know that everyone is going to love it. The business is then taken out into the world and the founder or CEO realizes it’s going to be a little harder than they anticipated, and they need help. Rafael has found that nine out of the ten businesses that he works with struggle with their marketing strategy and sales process.
Congratulations to UCF BIP Client Kismet Technologies for Winning the Innov8 Talks Pitch Competition at the Florida International Medical Expo 2022! 
Kismet Technologies competed in the Innov8 Talks Pitch Competition with their Nano-based Residual Active Disinfectant (NanoRAD). NanoRAD technology kills viruses and bacteria as they land on surfaces for months with a way to check for remaining coating life. Christina Drake, founder of Kismet Technologies competed against 19 other companies prior to making it as a top four finalist, where she then won the competition. Kismet Technologies was awarded with a 12-month subscription to Omnia Health Marketplace, an exclusive interview on the Omnia Health Insight, a complimentary exhibition stand space at FIME 2023, and a 3 month mentorship program by PS27 Ventures all valued at over $20,000.
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iSportz to our Orlando Incubator. Learn more about its platform for every sport and athlete in the world with an open-source platform model here.
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