Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Are You Ready to Fly? (Soft Landings)

Expanding into a new market is a challenging process for any company, and this is no exception even for our Soft Landing clients who have built thriving businesses in their home countries. Given the experience that the foreign CEO and their team have gained from running a sustainably profitable business in their country, one might assume that expanding into a new market would be relatively straightforward and seamless. However, the reality is that expanding into a new market like the US requires a different set of skills, knowledge, and resources.

One of the biggest hurdles that we frequently see our Soft Landings companies face is adapting their (otherwise successful) business model to meet the needs of the US market.

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Now Hiring

Kismet Technologies is hiring for an Industrial Engineering and Microbiologist Intern.

In the News

UCFBIP is seeking mentors for its 2023 Spring/Summer Mentorship Cohort Program

2023 Innovators to Watch: Christina Drake, Founder of Kismet Technologies

Finalists Announced for 17th Annual RFID Journal Awards

Synapse Announces Lauren Prager as Incoming CEO

NSF SBIR/STTR Cohort Now Accepting Applications 

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Sustainable materials startup Timeplast lands crowdfunded investment dollars as it looks to add jobs

Orlando Magic to work with startups at Lake Nona sports tech accelerator Lead

Tech Rage IT's Matt Rose Featured Speaker at Right of Boom Summit 

Black Ambition 2023 Prize Competition Accepting Applications.$1,000,000 Grand Prize

Capacitech Energy wins Most Innovative Technology Award

Kismet Technologies Amongst Top Three Teams to Move to Final Round of 2023 Annual Venture Plan Competition! Register to Attend Finals.

Shari Dingle Costantini joins other entrepreneurs in new venture to help more Orlando startups grow

Tech Rage IT ranked as a Central Florida Top Technology Company for the 4th consecutive year

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Volusia County Business Incubator Launches WoW Fridays

Upcoming Events



Tech Grove Juice Bar: The Seven Attributes of a Company That is "Defense Industry Ready"

Steve South, Director of the APEX Accelerator at the University of Central Florida will be sharing insights on the seven (7) attributes the Department of Defense (DOD) wants to see in a company they consider "Defense Industrial Base Ready". He will also be sharing a Roadmap to achieving those seven attributes and making your entry into doing business with the DOD smoother. 


14, 21, 28

Fundamental of Raising Angel Venture Capital and Crowdfunding Funds - Series

This Bootcamp will help you to understand everything about how to fund your business, seeking external funding from bankers and investors. This event is free to attend.



One Million Cups

1MC takes place every Wednesday morning at our Orlando Incubator.

Sign up to talk about your business and share your accomplishments with the community!



Proposal Writing for Government Contracting

Juliet Fletcher, Founder of Writing is Easy, will present a framework for developing a government solicitation response. She will discuss key sections of a proposal including the Statement of Work (SOW), Instructions/Conditions/Notices, and Evaluation Factors. Juliet will also discuss some of the key differences between federal, state, and local proposal expectations.



eMerge Americas

eMerge Americas is the premier technology conference transforming Miami into a global tech hub. Attracting venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and technology innovators from across the world to our vibrant shores, eMerge offers a unique tech event in one of the world’s most diverse locales.



Business Ethics 2023

On the first Wednesday of every month, we will explore how Stoicism can help in setting business goals and managing growth. This course is focused on Project Management. This series is designed for business CEOs, managers, and entrepreneurs in Central Florida. The goal is to focus on stoic leadership.



Human Capital Management for Small Businesses

Learn about how small businesses can stay competitive these days. How you choose to manage your back office, administrative burden can pull your focus away from reaching your goals - or closer to achieving them. ADP's innovative solutions are designed to help you meet your most challenging cash flow, talent, and compliance needs and help you focus more on what you're good at - growing your business. Breakfast will be provided and is sponsored by ADP.



Social Media - Q/A to Local Content Creators

This Social Media talk with local influencers will help you to understand how to sell on social media platforms, and how to create content to grow the number of followers. In addition, we will learn more about the algorithms which is a pain in the neck.



Entrepreneurs Talk

This Friday we will open the doors to any local entrepreneur or business owners who wants to talk about their ventures.



Military Entrepreneur Talks

What a great way to celebrate Memorial Day week by listening to our local Military entrepreneurs. Learn how local Veterans have applied the military discipline to start and scale a business. 

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