Explore New Opportunities to Profit with Scan & Go Market

Are you looking for ways to secure new accounts, increase sales, and differentiate your business? Scan & Go Market is your smart, convenient, secure solution. With Scan & Go Market, you will increase sales by offering the premium, fresh products your customers want while ensuring the level of product security you need to ensure maximum profit. The easy to use, self-service Scan & Go Market provides the right balance of product security for operators and convenience for customers who simply pay, scan and go! The self-checkout experience is fast and simple for customers who are always on the go.

"Scan & Go Market will expand the growing market of locations for operators who have been waiting for a solution that offers an optimal level of both product security and convenience through product accessibility,” Jim Chico, Vice President, Sales. “Scan & Go is ideal for locations where sales don’t justify a fully ‘open’ retail micro market set-up but have the desire to provide consumers with a premium, micro market experience. As well as locations that have sufficient foot traffic to accommodate a full micro market but have a high risk of theft.” 

Controlled access to the cooler with automatic locking prevents theft, giving you peace of mind while still allowing customers to access products from the cooler before making their purchase decision. This allows operators to set up and run a successful self-service grab and go solution in many types of locations. Scan & Go Market's large capacity boosts the operator’s bottom line and increases route-driver productivity. Scan & Go Market can sell a wide variety of in-demand, high-margin fresh food, beverages, and must-have snacks, candy, and pastries. The cooler does not use coils making it fast and easy to restock with many of your freshest products.

“Today operators must make their operations more efficient to remain competitive and as consumer preferences continue to shift toward fresh and healthy, the demand for flexible and affordable solutions such as Scan & Go Market will continue to grow," Ted O’Brien, President, Sales.

With cutting edge technology, Scan & Go Market’s innovative features and functionality combine to maximize your return on investment and grow your unattended retail business. Unlike micro markets, Scan & Go Market sends data through DEX, seamlessly integrating your existing VMS. Scan & Go Market can also increase operator profitability by giving discounts to customers who use cash and including sales tax on credit card purchases. 

Your locations will love the product variety, ease of use, and streamlined customer experience of Scan & Go Market. Contact USI today at 1-800-247-8709 if you are looking to diversify and grow your business with a flexible and affordable on-the-go self-service solution.  

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