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Fall is upon us, even though the summer heat still burns. Many of us are aching for cooler nights and brisk mornings, however this sunshine weather gives us a chance to soak up more of the sunshine Vitamin before Flu Season.

Raising the bodies Vitamin D levels with supplementation or sunshine or both improves our infection fighting ability. Which is more important now than ever. Once our natural air cleansers (green leaves) turn brown and fall from the trees, our bodies are even more challenged with toxic and viral load. Have you heard suggestions of adding air filters to help cleanse the air inside your home or office? Well, that is what green leaves do for us outside, they cleanse the air. So when the green leaves disappear in fall and winter, we get an increase of colds and flu's aka Flu Season.

Vitamin D levels need to be optimum before Flu Season hits. I believe this is even more important than getting the Flu Shot. If your Vit D levels are optimal OR if you haven't had your Vit D tested and don't know if you are low, take 2000IU per day on days you are not outside soaking up the sun. If you know you are low, take 5000IU per day + get outside each day for 20mins with 70% of your skin exposed. Boosting natural immunity makes more sense for most of us who are strong enough to fight the Flu naturally.

What else can we do to help our bodies filter the upcoming barrage of air toxicity? Cleanse your liver. You can do an herbal cleanse or simply begin to eliminate foods and beverages that are taxing your liver. There has been a definite increase in alcohol consumption during 2020. Giving your liver a hiatus from alcohol, refined sugars (remember white bread, pasta & rice count as sugar) and fried unhealthy fats for 1-3 weeks would give your liver time to repair and get ready to help you sail through Flu season unscathed.

If you have additional questions about Vit D or Liver cleansing, we are here to help. Just ask via our "Ask the Doctor form" on our website homepage. Or chat with us on Social Media or the next time you are in.

Until your next adjustment,
Dr Heidi & the InnerMovement Team
Why does Flu Season start in the Fall? And how can you prepare your body to fight any Virus during Flu season?
Flu activity begins to increase in October & November, during fall months because the green leaves that act as our natural air purifiers, dry up and fall from the trees during Fall. This means that our bodies have to suddenly work overtime to clear air borne toxins, viruses, bacteria, allergens etc
...If our bodies are not as efficient at clearing toxins as those healthy green trees are, than we get overloaded. When we can't fight off the air-borne invaders we will inevitably get sick.

Cooler temperatures also contribute to Flu season, according to Chinese medicine theory because cold creates a "freezing effect" on the movement of water and blood in our body. Like a frozen river, our body does not sweat as much, our circulation slows and we cannot move toxicity, viruses, bacteria out as quickly as we can during warmer months.
Will this Flu Season be worse than most?
Very likely, Yes. Unfortunately, with the California wild fires over the past several weeks, our air quality has ranged from good to Hazardous. So our natural detox organ, the liver, is already burdened heading into flu season.

The liver naturally knows how to clear the body of toxins, but as we experience an ever-increasing toxin load heading into fall flu season, our bodies need extra support. As the leaves fall, we will lose nature's detox support and as temperatures drop our blood circulation will slow down.

.. If our livers don't eliminate toxins, they build up in our organs and tissues, and wreak havoc on our immune health.
So if we head into Flu season with low Vit D or clogged up livers, YES! Flu season will be worse.
Has your 2020 been looking like this?
Yes? Its time for a Liver Detox...
Hormone Free poultry, meat & fish
Quinoa, Rice, Steel cut oats
Unlimited Veggies
Unlimited Fruits
Dry roasted nuts & seeds
Healthy fats
Herbal teas
Pork or shell fish
Dairy products or soy
Pasta, bread, corn
Refined oils
Prepare for Flu Season - Your body will thank you!