Two Trainings and a Testimony

Praise the Lord for the many requests we have received from churches in Siem Reap for training this August. We thank God for the God’s Financial Principles (GFP) seminar held in Siem Reap on August 3-4, 2023. Eighteen people from six different churches participated in the workshop. Everyone was happy to learn what the Bible says about money. The lesson shared during the seminar was that we have nothing, and we must be accountable to God for what He has entrusted to us.

Another thing for which we want to thank God for this month is that He continues to expand the training of His Word through CCI. On August 9-10, we met and conducted a Teacher Training Workshop (TTW) for pastors in Phnom Penh. At least two leaders have signed the agreement.

Thank you, God, for helping us finish the translation of The Cross Before the Crown. Hopefully, we can start training the churches soon.
Thank you for your prayers and support,

Sitha Dourng
CCI Cambodia National Director
Staff Updates
At least 18 individuals attended a God's Financial Principles (GFP) seminar in Siem Reap on August 3rd and 4th. Pray that those who attended have learned how to manage their finances with biblical wisdom and will become good stewards of what God has provided.
A Teacher Training Workshop (TTW) was held for IMB leaders in Phnom Penh. At least two pastors have agreed to start a CCI class at their church on the outskirts of Phnom Penh. Pray that these new classes and trainers impact this community to equip more leaders to expand the gospel.
After studying for almost 5 years with CCI in Siem Reap, Sok has become a pastor at Cannan Church.
"Early on, I did not think I would become a minister in the Lord's ministry. Serving the Lord did not feel like it was meant for me. I did not think I was good enough to serve God. However, I am grateful to my wife for encouraging me to study the Word of God.

I thank CCI for providing me with the opportunity to serve. I am currently a pastor in a small village south of Siem Reap along the river. Our church is built on water because the people I serve live on the water.

What I appreciate about the CCI ministry here in Cambodia is that it does not solely equip and teach the Gospel to the churches, but also invests in me. This support has aided me as I continue to grow in my relationship with the Lord. Thank you for giving me the chance to reach out to those who are lost. God has worked in my heart."
- Rotha Sok
Prayer Requests & Praises
Thank you for your continued prayers! We praise the Lord for another month of serving Him on the mission field through equipping church.

·      Pray for Saren’s new baby, Blessing, who is almost a month old and is currently unable to breathe. She is currently in the hospital.

·      Pray for Rotha, who is planting a new church in a village located south of Siem Reap. Rotha is dedicated to spreading the Gospel in the flood-prone villages. Please pray for those who are laying the foundation of the church on water and preparing to build it. It costs approximately $5,000 to use bamboo as a raft before constructing the roof.

·      Please pray for Meas Sat as he travels twice a month, by car, for one and a half hours from his home to train a class in Tany, KamPot. Please continue to pray for his safety during his journeys.

·      Pray for our teachers: for the wisdom to equip the saints for the work of ministry.

·      Pray for the country of Cambodia: it’s government, its leaders, its students, it’s future, and pray for the local churches that we work with to grow IN CHRIST.
·      Please pray that God raises up new trainers and coordinators to meet the need of the Gospel in Cambodia.

·     The staff of CCI Cambodia is looking forward to the Global Conference to be held in Thailand in November. Many would like to go, but do not have the money to buy plane tickets. Please pray for God’s provision for this. If you feel led to help, please click below. Thank you.