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Volume 7, Issue 9 | September 2018


So, as you know, I am back in business

I've been having a blast being at home, working from home - my cocoon. I'm once again delighting in making my own schedule, meeting an eclectic mix of people, and doing what I now can admit and embrace is my purpose and passion: inspiring and coaching people to follow their own purpose and passion and to reflect it in their business life.

Since we spend so much time working, I emphatically believe that we are meant to enjoy it and nourish our spirit in the process. In so doing, we are more creative and prosperous, giving and generous, and at peace. This, no doubt, has a wonderful ripple effect in uplifting and nourishing other souls and the world at large.

As I gear up to be back in business full time, I've been updating my websites (mainly The Computer Spirit at this time); creating tools to aid in inspiring and coaching folks; connecting with former clients who are delighted I'm back and meeting with new and prospective ones; pondering if I should publish a second e-newsletter focused on business; and, on, and on and on. It's exciting! Regular morning walks are a part of my day now that the temps are becoming human again here in the Phoenix area. And, now that I'm no longer tied to a j-o-b, I am once again exploring which small, rural town to relocate to once I establish a mostly virtual way of business.[Suggestions are welcomed - moderate climate is a must!]

Of course, there's always the challenges of being in business, especially as a sole entrepreneur, to which I fully admit. They can be things like a gap in technical knowledge; unclear communication with clients; insufficient social interaction for my well-being; and time management. But this time around, especially with additional wisdom and a tremendous amount of gratitude, I am meeting them head on, from a more tranquil perspective, and a knowing that they are clearly for my learning and upliftment. Yep, everything is a blessing - when I so choose to embrace that concept.

Thanks for being with me on the journey. 


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Inspiration and Contemplation

Grace is always with us, not to be "earned," soothing, of goodwill. There's a peacefulness to it for me, and I'm delighted that, in this crazy life on Planet Earth, I can expect grace.

Grace happens when you accept.
Struggle happens when you reject or resist.

Grace is natural. Struggle is unnatural.
Grace is effortless. Struggle takes great effort.

Struggle means that you get in the way.
Grace means that you stay out of the way.

From Everyday Wisdom by Paul Ferrini
Biblical  Far Side

People Helping People
Chocolate and Random Acts of Kindness     

Years ago my then-partner and I got into the habit of taking an afternoon coffee break, eating organic dark chocolate with a high content of cacao alongside raw organic almonds. Cacao is a superfood, containing antioxidants and a good amount of iron, calcium, and magnesium. Cacao is also the reason dark chocolate is considered to have health benefits - it's a notable source of flavonoids, which may have beneficial effects on cardiovascular health, and theobromine, a bitter alkaloid similar to caffeine thought to boost moods and energy.

These days, I regularly imbibe 85% cacao organic chocolate, and my friends tease me about always having some on hand - and even sharing a bit!

Well, it appears I have a sort of kindred soul in a World War II vet who's been eating chocolate for a long time too. About 15 years ago, after reading in the newspaper about random acts of kindness and paying it forward, Bob Williams of Long Grove, Iowa started seriously giving away chocolate.

Read about how his random acts of kindness touched both him and the recipients of his generosity.

Perhaps it's time now for some chocolate... 

Now that we're in the autumnal equinox on this side of the planet, it's the perfect time to give thanks for the summer months and all that came with them. It is also a time during which ancient peoples welcomed the coming darker months, which I think lends itself to being a particularly great time for self-reflection, forgiveness, and expressing gratitude.
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