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Two dates of note this week:

Thursday, June 23 from 4-6pm, auditions for Dear Anita Bryant will be held by Zoom. Click here for more info .

Friday, June 24 is the last day to bring your lightly used items to the playhouse for the Parking Lot Sale on August 1.

If you are seeking theatre entertainment, try the National Theater. They have been doing a great job pulling shows out of their vault and sharing them for a week at a time on Youtube.

This week's offering is a production of Peter Schaeffer's Amadeus. It is a lively, original production. One of the intriguing things in the staging is that there is a contemporary orchestra on stage - classically trained musicians that are integrated into the action, choreography, blocking of the show.

I will freely admit - I love/hate the costumes. I think they work better on "stage" than they do up close (as a costume designer, I always have something to say about costumes!) but that said, there is a lot of inspired thinking in the design and directing of the show. So if you have time and want to watch, I suggest going to YouTube and typing in National Theater Amadeus between now and next Friday.

Richard Stephens, President, Port Angeles Community Players
Get Ready for Aug. 1 Parking Lot SALE
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Dear Anita Bryant Auditions
Auditions are Thursday, July 23 from 4-6 pm. Auditions (and rehearsals) will be done on Zoom. This production will be a Staged Reading of the play, with two live performances, Friday and Saturday August 7 th  and 8 th , also on Zoom
Seeking 2020-2021
Board Members
If you are interested in becoming an integral part of PACP and being part of a community-oriented Board of Directors, please call Mary Brelsford and leave a message. 360-457-7113.
Dark But Busy
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