Two By Two

“And he (Jesus) called the twelve and began to send them out two by two, and gave them authority over the unclean spirits.”

Mark 6:7 – ESV

Dear Ministry Partner,

Years ago, when I was on staff for Campus Crusade for Christ (CCC), I asked to return to my hometown to start a campus ministry there. This was not accepted because the principle of “two by two” in ministry. I did not understand this principle very much. Then our leaders explained that this is Jesus’ pattern; that I was not allowed to do ministry alone.

Because of limited finances, I mostly, travel to the provinces alone. I understood more and more why Jesus sent his disciples two by two. I faced the temptations and the danger. I learned the reason why Jesus sent out his disciples in pairs, rather that individually.

One of the reason lies in the Jewish tradition of “two witnesses” (Deut 19:15). The Old Testament law stipulated that at least two witnesses were needed in order to convict someone of a crime. In the culture of Jesus, this legal requirement also underscored the commonsense idea that two witnesses are more reliable than one. So, when two of Jesus’ disciples proclaimed the presence of the Kingdom, they would be more likely to be listened to.

Last month, I planned to go to the North of Vietnam by myself, but I decided to bring along our Hmong Coordinator. This town is a mountainous town, residing at 1,650 meters above sea level and cool with temperatures of around 10-15 °C. The change in weather made me almost catch a cold and sore throat. The Bible said “Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor: if either of them falls down, one can help the other up.” (Ecclesiastes 4:9-10). Our Hmong Coordinator helped me teach the class and interpreted as I was preaching.

It is the power of a shared ministry with mutual benefit when the two work together. We spent time together as we visited churches and talked to church leaders. The Hmong Coordinator is my student; as he is pursuing Master of Divinity in a Bible School and my co-worker with CCI. Jesus sent two because the other could be strong when one was weak. The Lord designed humankind to be interdependent. We need each other, and that is good. The body of Christ is to build up one another in love and unity. As we were together “two by two” is also the way of mentoring. We just want to make sure that Nu is not alone, our team is always standing by him, not only prayer but also with instruction to help him do ministry work better.

I recognize my need for support in my Christian life. I rely on the people of God who He has put into my life for that support. The Lord provides these people and will continue to provide people to help me along the way, support me, and lift my hands of faith when I tire. I also want to do the same thing to my team.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

National Director/CCI Vietnam

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Testimony from a pastor who participated in our intensive class.

"I learned many things as I attended the CCI intensive class. Here are some highlights from my 10 days in that class:

-         Pastor’s responsibility of taking care of believers.

-         Preaching God’s word diligently and correctly.

-         Protecting God’s people

-         Set a good example.

I was challenged not only to preach but also to teach. I am teaching the basic doctrine to new believers to prepare them for baptism, but I have never thought that I can teach a year-long program with a systematic curriculum. Praise the Lord! I was inspired to start a class with our team in the northwest. The very first CCI classes are going to start this April, in different districts.”

~ Pastor N

Testimony from a participant of God’s Financial Principles Seminar (GFP)

"Many thanks to the CCI representatives for coming and training our church. The GFP seminar is practical and helpful. Through the seminar, I was taught to manage our family resources. Since I became a Christ follower, I have never been taught on this topic. This was my first time learning on saving, teaching children about money, stewardship, etc. It was incredible. God’s Word is so wonderful!

Thank you for coming to a remote place like this. May the Lord bless you and CCI."

~ Ms. D

Staff Update

Thanks to the Lord for more certified teachers who were trained by a CCI Teacher Training Workshop (TTW) in central Vietnam last month. We are expecting them to start new classes or help other pastors train workers in their region.

Two new classes were started last month in central Vietnam and the North of Vietnam. Please pray that these students are faithful to learn the Word of God and pray for God’s provision for teacher’s travel.


New Class

The very first CCI class was started in a northwest province in March by our Hmong North Coordinator.

It would be a shortcoming, if in this newsletter I did not include the unforgettable events that happened last month on March 4-5 in Ho Chi Minh City. This 2-night crusade brought more than 12,000 Christians and non-Christians from different provinces around Ho Chi Minh City with 5,000 people accepting Christ as their Savior. The evangelism event, Spring Love Festival, was organized by more than 80 organizations and denominations in Ho Chi Minh City, along with Franklin Graham.

The CCI Vietnam staff and teachers took part with this event in different roles. It was a blessing to see thousands of people come to worship God with Michael W. Smith, Tommy Coomes Band, Vietnamese Singers, and to witness people put their lives in Jesus Christ.

Franklin Graham

Phu Tho Stadium

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Prayer Requests & Praises

  • Another Teacher Training Workshop (TTW) was held in northern Vietnam for Christian & Missionary Alliance (C&MA) pastors from different provinces on April 10-11. These pastors came from several area in the north and northwest provinces. We hope that there will be more classes opened in the next few months through these teachers.

  • Training for God’s Financial Principle (GFP) in a northeast region for pastors from different districts of the province.

  • One more CCI class was started this month in the northwest. Our Hmong North Coordinator, was there to speak at the opening ceremony.

  • There are 3 more CCI classes opening this April in a northwest province.

  • We would like to invite you to pray for a pastor as he is building a house to use for a bible training center. He needs around $770 to finish the work. This pastor is of an ethnic tribe. This is a very new tribe that CCI has recently reached in northern Vietnam.

This house is under construction and will be separate from his family.

  • The staff of CCI Vietnam is looking forward to the Global Conference to be held in Thailand in November. Many would like to go, but do not have the money to buy plane tickets. Please pray for God’s provision for this. If you feel led to help, please click the button below. Thank you.
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