After discovering her superpowers in book one, Twitcha is starting to have doubts as a new villain, Dr. Phil N. Blue, causes her anxiety and depression to spin out of control. Can her friend Misfire help? Will a trip to the NJCTS Tim Howard Leadership Academy help Twitcha regain her confidence? Will she and her new friends defeat Dr. Phil N. Blue?

This new story is written by original Twitcha author Sarah Baldwin and her brother Eric. Both Baldwins are NJCTS Youth Advocates and current college students. It is illustrated by volunteer Sarah Orchard of Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada.

The themes of acceptance, empowerment and friendship are woven throughout and you get to meet some amazing new characters. The one-and-only Tim Howard, one of the greatest American goalkeepers in soccer history, even makes a guest appearance!

Twitcha 2 is sure to be another great addition for your classroom or home library!!