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Welcome to the official announcement of our forthcoming book, Twin Ports Trains by Tony Dierckins and Jeff Lemke. Front and rear covers, and reviewer comments shown above. The official launch and book signing is scheduled for August 1, 2024 inside the spectacular Lake Superior Railroad Museum at Duluth's Union Depot.

Special thanks to Ken Buehler, Jay Gabler and Dave Schauer who each invested their valuable time to give our book critical reviews before printing.

But what in the world do the Twin Ports have to do with brass model trains?

Our research into making brass model trains started in Duluth-Superior during the mid-1970s. By 1980, we decided that if the right models for Duluth-Superior operations were going to be made, then it was up to us to help make that happen. Virtually every one of the 400+ brass models (and a few plastic ones too) we designed for a variety of importers and manufacturers, started as research work in these communities. This included prototypes for the BN, C&NW, DM&IR, Duluth Union Depot & Transfer, DW&P, GN, LST&T Railway, Milwaukee Road, NP and Soo Line.

This book project is our way of giving back to the greater community of Duluth-Superior. Not just for the railroaders, but anyone who lived or worked here, so that everyone can better understand how it all began and developed—one railroad at a time. The thriving communities that sprang up on both sides of St. Louis Bay are a direct result of pioneer railroad visionaries who battled each other for dominance of this vitally important rail-and-sail inland port terminal.

It's a little too early to do pre-sales, so we'll announce sales channels in a future edition of this e-newsletter, and also on our Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/JeffLemkeTrains

If you have a family member, railroad colleague, or friend who might be interested in our book, please feel free to forward this information to them as well.

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Long live the historic railroads of the Twin Ports.



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