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Area 12 Board
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Message from the Chair - Tessique Houston

Hello Area 12!

As we wind down our performing year, it's a perfect opportunity to reflect and plan for the next year. What went well, what needs improvement? Take some down time and then get back In the groove - that's what I plan to do! Start looking through those music catalogs, check out the events coming up and make plans to go, and get the planning done early. Then I can relax a little more!

I hope you all get the chance to do whatever will recharge your batteries! Happy Summer!

Until next time,

Tessique Houston
Election News
It's election year in Area 12!

We are now compiling a slate of candidates for the three elected offices on our Board of Directors: Secretary, Treasurer, and Chair-Elect. 

Both the Secretary and Treasurer positions are two-year terms, with the ability (though not the obligation) to run again for a second term. Those positions may serve no more than two terms in a row (though they may run again at a later date). The Chair-Elect position is a total of six years: two as Chair-Elect, two as Chair, and two as Immediate Past Chair. 

Our By-Laws require us to have two candidates for each elected office, so if you or someone you know is interested in joining the Area Board, please email Michèle Sharik, our Immediate Past Chair, for more information.  
Communiqué - Barbara Meinke, Communications
So, we've been asking what the guild can do for you. Have you heard us? Have you replied? We're still listening!

Now, let's talk about what you can do for the guild. It's a two way street...give and take...traffic moving in both directions, keeping the roads clear and people getting where they want to go!

So, after you reply with what we can do for you, please let us know what you can do to help our organization prosper. Do one or more of these things and be part of the many hands that keep the work light (and surprise and delight your regional coordinator in the process!)
And if you don't find something there that rings your bell, drop me a note and I'll help you find a place to harmonize in your range!

Still listening...

Barbara Meinke
Communications Director/The Twelfth Tone
Area 12 Director's Workshop

Come one, come all!
This is the perfect workshop for you - YES, YOU!

  • Never stood in front of a group but think you might in the future?
  • You're a ringer who wants to know what goes on in your directors head?
  • Been directing for a few years and want some more resources?  
  • Been directing FOREVER but you know you gotta keep learning?
  • Want to get Handbell Certification but not sure you're ready for the conducting section?

That's right, this is for YOU!

The curriculum is based on the requirements for Level I Certification in Conducting and is built to be flexible to allow the clinicians to really give each participant the ability to grow from wherever they are.

We will work with score study, rehearsal techniques, and conducting.  All participants will be encouraged to conduct so they can get feedback.

TWO opportunities for you to participate!

Saturday, September 8, 2018, 9:00-3:00
Los Altos UMC, Long Beach, CA
Clinicians: Tessique Houston and Barbara Meinke

Saturday, September 29, 2018, 9:00-3:00
Walnut Creek UMC, Walnut Creek, CA
Clinicians: Tessique Houston and Barbara Walsh

Get these on your calendars now!

Registration will be available  July 1, 2018 .
$85 for members of Handbell Musicians of America
$100 for non-members
Central CA - Christine Anderson, Regional Coordinator

Hint of the Month

Why do you cover your foam pads? Try an experiment ~ lay a corduroy cover over one pad that's covered in -say, muslin; lay a corduroy cover over a "nekkid" foam pad. Then play bells on each, using various stopped sounds: mallets, plucking, table damping, marts, and listen to the resonance - or lack of it - on each pad. Is there a difference? As a solo ringer, I dread ringing on borrowed pads that are covered because of both the lack of resonance and the ease of bells rolling into the valleys between pads. If the muslin cover is tight, bells also roll, even with a corduroy cover on top.

BUT! If you do want to cover the pads, and have trouble inserting foam into the covers, here's a trick: Take a large plastic bag and cut the side seams. Wrap the foam pad in the plastic bag and slide it into the cover (or Tote-Pac). Once the foam is in place, simply pull out the plastic bag. 

I hope everyone will have a fun summer, and will take advantage of attending the National Seminar.

Happy Ringing!

Musically yours,

Christine Anderson
Central California Regional Coordinator

For information on Central California's concerts, events,
and other opportunities,  click here .
Southern CA - Michèle Sharik, Regional Coordinator

Hi there, SoCal!

May 19th was our annual Spring Ring, held again at St. Thomas More Catholic Church in Oceanside. The day saw approximately 80 ringers enjoying massed ringing under the baton of KatRyn Howell and culminated in a concert  presented to an enthusiastic audience of over 100 people! By all accounts, everybody had a great time. Be sure to join us again next year at St. Thomas More as we welcome Alex Guebert back as our clinician for Bronze Vision and massed ringing on Friday and  Saturday, May 17-18, 2019

As we all approach the end of our program years, please  remember to let me know if you are planning any summer  concerts , workshops, or other events so I can help you publicize them or provide any logistical or other support you might need. That's what I'm here for and I welcome the chance to help your handbell programs in any way I can.

Have a great summer!

Michèle Sharik

For information on Southern California's concerts,  events,
and other opportunities,  click here .  
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Northern NV - Barb Walsh, Regional Coordinator


May was a busy month for us in the Reno area. Our 16th Annual Sierra Spring Ring was action packed with three massed pieces, 10 class offerings, solo piece sharing and fellowship. Thank you to all who worked and came to make it such a special day!

Just three  days later, we had our Umpteenth Annual Young Ringers Festival. It was wonderful to be joined by three new groups this year. The kids were awesome and we made some great music together!

Don't forget the Zephyr Point Handbell Conference on the shores of beautiful Lake Tahoe will be held  July 22-26.  It's an experience you won't want to miss!

Barbara Walsh
Northern Nevada Regional Coordinator

For information on Northern Nevada's concerts, events,
and other opportunities,  click here
International Handbell Symposium 2018
Northern CA - Nancy Schmitt, Regional Coordinator

Mark your calendars!
 (click title to register!)
Saturday, October 13, 2018
Simpson University
Redding, CA

Massed director: Mary Balkow
Red Zone Bronze director: Barb Walsh
Registration fee per person: $35.00

This event is endorsed by Handbell Musicians of America

Sandi Walker-Tansley

For information on Northern California's concerts, events,  and other opportunities,  click here !
Hawaii - Karen Carlisle, Regional Coordinator
Karen Carlisle


As I write this, I am waiting for my last children's performance of the school year.

It all started five years ago, when I had the thought of starting a children's community group. I shared this thought with my church's music coordinator, who insisted I host it at the church. I wanted to focus on kids in a low-income area that would otherwise never have the opportunity to ring bells. We all know how hard it is just to start a group and then maintain that group of ringers, but how would I start a group in a community that does not know handbells at all?

I ended up running this group through the church for four years. During this time, we added a program at the middle school across the street through the nationally-granted program After-School All-Stars. It was especially hard to keep momentum and progression going because the program requires us to start new classes every quarter. The kids try it out for a week at the beginning of the quarter, then decide what classes they want to take, so we are changing and adding kids four times per year. 

Many of the kids come from families that, for many reasons, are not able to be consistent with attendance. However, we have been able to keep this program going for three years by building a rapport with the kids and just "going with the flow."  
Over the next few months, I'll be adding to this story in my newsletter articles, telling you how we have built this program - the ups and downs, the successes and the failures. I love working with the kids and youth and I have ideas and thoughts which keep me up at night working on different angles and new groups. So as I work on my next year planning I have more to look at now. In fact, I have just secured another start to a continuing middle/high school group program that starts in August! To be continued...


Karen Carlisle
Hawaii Regional Coordinator

For information on Hawaii's concerts, events,
and other opportunities,  click here .
Southern NV - Alison Pruett, Regional Coordinator


Intro to Massed Ringing

Saturday, September 8, 2018
Grace Presbyterian Church
Las Vegas, NV

Mark your calendars now! Registration forms available soon!

This event is endorsed by Handbell Musicians of America

Alison Pruett
S Nevada Regional Coordinator

For information on Southern Nevada's concerts, events,
and other opportunities,  click here .

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LA Metro - F. Thomas Simpson, Regional Coordinator

Last Month we held our LA Metro Spring Ring and what a great time it was! Seven groups from all over the area came to ring under the baton of our guest conductor, Kathy Ebling-Shaw. The concert, while a bit under attended, went great and showed real improvement over the day's work. I hope you all plan to attend our next Spring Ring in the coming year!

I also hope your summer is a restful one - I'll be planning for my current groups' ringing year, my community choir's holiday program, and for a new group I've been asked to start! I'll also go away for a few weeks to study up on my Kodaly.

I hope your summer is just as relaxing and fulfilling!

F. Thomas Simpson
LA Metro Regional Coordinator
For information on LA Metro's concerts, events,
and other opportunities,  click here.
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SF Bay Area - Kendra Scott, Regional Coordinator

Kendra Scott
Bay Area Regional Coordinator

For information on San Francisco  Bay Area's concerts, events,  and other opportunities,  click here .

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