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Message from the Chair - Tessique Houston

Hello Area 12!

Well, we are finally getting our 'winter' on, aren't we? Several inches of rain in California and several feet of snow in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Woo hoo! I hope you're all staying warm and dry.

One way to stay warm is to think 'warm' thoughts. And what better thoughts than those of attending a Spring Ring? We have several happening in our area. Playing all that wonderful music, getting together with others that love handbells, learning new things in classes - warms my heart and soul just thinking about it!

But wait...why just think about it, DO IT! If you haven't already, pick an event, get registered, and go. It'll warm you right up!

Until next time,

Tessique Houston
Communiqué - Barbara Meinke, Communications

Did You Know?

As a member (or sub-member) of Handbell Musicians of America, you can
And this in IN ADDITION to all the great PEOPLE involved and EVENTS you can attend and MUSIC you can share!

If you are not already a member, check out membership options. If you are involved with a group which is a member, consider getting a sub-membership to have your own online access to the things listed above. And if you have questions, feel free to contact me directly!

Happy Spring to come!

Barbara Meinke
Communications Director/The Twelfth Tone
LA Metro - F. Thomas Simpson, Regional Coordinator

Hello all!

It's NOT TOO LATE to be part of this year's LA Metro's SPRING RING! By the time you read this, 1/2 an hour later the music could be on its way to your address and by next week you and your ringers could be preparing for the ring! We have room for a few more groups and many more individual ringers. Please consider spending  April 7th  in Pasadena!

Registration forms are now up on our website .

Saturday, April 7, 2018
Pasadena Presbyterian Church
Kathy Ebling Shaw, conductor

This event is  sponsorsed  by Handbell Musicians of America

F. Thomas Simpson
LA Metro Regional Coordinator
For information on LA Metro's concerts, events,
and other opportunities,  click here.
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SF Bay Area - Kendra Scott, Regional Coordinator

Friday and Saturday
April 13-14, 2018
Ellie Hodder, conductor

Click on the blue title for details and registration information

This event is endorsed by Handbell Musicians of America

Kendra Scott
Bay Area Regional Coordinator

For information on San Francisco  Bay Area's concerts, events,  and other opportunities,  click here .

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Southern CA - Michèle Sharik, Regional Coordinator

Hi there, SoCal!

I hope your 2018 season is going well so far. I want to send out a BIG THANKS to those who have already submitted their Spring Ring registrations. The Early Bird deadline has already passed but there are still discounts available for Guild membership and for youth, so please get your registrations in soon to reserve your spot on the ringing floor. Remember that individual ringers are also welcome at this event, so even if your choir isn't coming, and even if you don't have access to bells or foam to bring, you can register by yourself -- Area 12 and I have resources to help and can most likely set you up with the bells of your choice! 

Saturday, May 19, 2017
Oceanside, CA
KatRyn Howell, conductor

This event is sponsored  by Handbell Musicians of America

Until next month,
My best,

Michèle Sharik

For information on Southern California's concerts,  events,
and other opportunities,  click here .  
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Northern NV - Barb Walsh, Regional Coordinator


We have two events coming up in May in Reno. The first is the 16th Annual Sierra Spring Ring (see below). Our two massed pieces are Celtic Farewell by Linda Lamb and Andante Maestoso arr. by Kevin McChesney. In addition to the massed ringing, there will be 10 classes to choose from including techniques, ideas for playing with fewer ringers, dancing, improving sight reading skills, bell maintenance, rhythm, and solo ringing.

The second event is the Umpteenth Annual Young Ringers' Festival (see below). There will be two massed pieces arranged by Dr. Jim Smith that are available as a download. The kids always have a great time together!

Saturday, May 19, 2018
Marvin Picollo School
This event is  endorsed by Handbell Musicians of America

Umpteenth Annual
Young Ringers' Festival
Tuesday, May 22,2018
9:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. 
South Reno United Methodist Church
200 DeSpain, Reno
contact me for more information on this event

We hope to see you in Reno at one of these events!

Barbara Walsh
Northern Nevada Regional Coordinator

For information on Northern Nevada's concerts, events,
and other opportunities,  click here
International Handbell Symposium 2018
Central CA - Christine Anderson, Regional Coordinator

Spring Ring
Alex Guebert, conductor
March 17, 2018
8:30 a.m.
5:00 p.m. concert
St. John Lutheran Church
     Bakersfield, CA

Contact - Dianne Bryant at rng4joy@gmail.com

Christine Anderson
Central California Regional Coordinator

For information on Central California's concerts, events,
and other opportunities,  click here .
Northern CA - Nancy Schmitt, Regional Coordinator
Nancy Schmitt

Dear Handbell Musicians,

Sometimes simple is better than grandiose. During the Lenten season some simple things can  be done to make the service very meaningful. Each Sunday during Lent the Trinity chimes may  be rung to begin the service. On Good Friday, if your church observes that day with the Stations  of the Cross, then a simple bell toll can be rung before each of the 14 stations. Maybe your  church has a Service of Darkness in the evening. A simple bell toll can be rung as each candle is  extinguished.

On Easter Sunday, try change ringing outdoors prior to the church service. People love  hearing the sound of bells as they get out of their car. An Easter processional may be in order or
a few ringers combining with the choir on an Easter introit is a great way to celebrate Easter. A  trumpet and bells is always a nice addition to the opening and closing hymns played by the  organist. It might be nice to sponsor a children's Easter flower cross. Just cover the cross with  mesh wire and let the children place fresh cut flowers on the cross. Sometimes it's just the  simple things that count the most. Happy Easter!


Nancy Schmitt
Northern California Regional Coordinator  

For information on Northern California's concerts, events, and other opportunities, click here!
Southern NV - Alison Pruett, Regional Coordinator

Welcome to the end of winter!

That time when we've all recovered from the holidays and Twelfth Night and are looking ahead to Easter and spring concerts.

But there are other handbell activities to be had coming up. There are numerous Spring Rings happening around Area 12. Southern California, Central California, Bay Area, LA Metro, and Northern Nevada all have spring rings coming up. While it's always fun to attend events as a full choir, individuals are more than welcome to participate in these events. Singles can fill in gaps of other choirs or, if there're enough individuals, they can form their own choir. Either way, ringers get to meet new people, play under new directors, and see other parts of Area 12. Check out the columns above or our Area 12 Calendar of Events for all Spring Ring details.

Alison Pruett
S Nevada Regional Coordinator

For information on Southern Nevada's concerts, events,
and other opportunities,  click here .

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Hawaii - Karen Carlisle, Regional Coordinator
Karen Carlisle

Karen Carlisle
Hawaii Regional Coordinator

For information on Hawaii's concerts, events,
and other opportunities,  click here .
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