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Message from the Chair -
Scott Leggett

Greetings Area 12,

I hope everyone has settled into their Fall ringing routines and is getting ready for the busy Christmas performance season that is rapidly approaching.

As the season changes to Fall, there are changes at Area 12 as well. We sadly must say goodbye and mourn the loss of our dear friend Mel Tully. He served many years on the Area 12 board as our Vendor Liaison, always providing insightful advice and willing to take on any tasks he could in support of our organization. His years running WestCoast Handbell Supply were a true gift to the handbell community. He was a dear friend to many of us and he will be deeply missed. Our thoughts are with his wife Gail and their family.
Our other change is that the results of our election are in and we have a new Executive Board for Area 12. I look forward to getting right to work with our new board and continue the important work of serving and supporting our members in the handbell ringing. I congratulate and welcome to the Executive Board Chair-Elect Kendra Scott, Secretary Michele Meenk, and Treasurer Helena Broadbent. I am also pleased to announce the appointment of Sandy Haynes as our new Webmaster and Sharon Guilliams as the new LA Metro Regional Coordinator.
With the elections, there is opportunity for serving on the board as our Bay Area Regional Coordinator. If you have any interest in taking on a larger role in Area 12 in the Bay Area or know of someone you would like to recommend, please let me know.

Till Next time,

Scott Leggett
Election News - Michèle Sharik
I am pleased to announce the results of our recent election. Please join me in congratulating our newly-elected board members who will join Chair Scott Leggett and Past Chair Tessique Houston on the board's Executive Committee:

Chair-Elect: Kendra Scott of San Jose, CA
Secretary: Michele Meenk of Modesto, CA 
Treasurer: Helena Broadbent of Boulder City, NV

We should also thank our other candidates, Gail Berg, Becky Yoza, and Sandy Haynes, for running in this election. We appreciate all of our members, but especially those who are willing to go that extra mile and serve on the board!

As for the By-Laws Revision question on the ballot, it passed almost unanimously! After such a long process back and forth with the national board, we are relieved for it to be almost over. The only thing left is for us to submit the member-approved By-Laws to the State of California for their approval.

I'd also like to explain something about the election process. First of all, we sent out 286 ballots to Regular Members, Life Members, and Handbell Industry Council Members (Sub-Members and Student Members are not eligible to vote and so did not receive ballots). Each was individually-numbered and I received a question asking how numbering the ballots preserves voter anonymity. Just like in our country's local, state, and national elections, numbering the ballots helps to ensure that each eligible member votes only once. It also serves as the voter's receipt, should they wish to confirm their ballot was received and counted. As the board member responsible for running the election, the Past Chair creates a list matching member accounts to numbers, then makes sure that the proper numbered ballot is mailed to the correct member. However, when the ballots are returned, they are NOT returned to the Past Chair, but rather to an independent third-party Election Coordinator who is not on the Area 12 board. This Coordinator never sees the list of accounts and numbers, and the Past Chair never sees the returned ballots. The Coordinator's job is to collect the ballots, ensure that duplicate numbers are not submitted, and tally the votes. After a reasonable amount of time to allow for questions or comments, the ballots will be destroyed. I hope that answers the question, but if not, please contact me for more information.

One more piece of data: of the 286 ballots sent out, 104 were returned postmarked before the October 1st deadline and so were counted. One more ballot was returned, but was postmarked after the deadline, and so was not counted. This is a 36.7% return rate. Many thanks to all who returned their ballots! 

I'd like to close once again on a personal note: this election was one of my final duties as your Immediate Past Chair. It has been my honor to serve Area 12 for the past six years on the Executive Committee. I look forward to continuing to serve Area 12 and our national organization in other capacities in the future. Thank you so very much for your support.

Michèle Sharik
Communiqué - Barbara Meinke
Celebrating a Friend
and Mentor to All of Us

Area 12's dear Mel Tully, long- standing board member and retired co-owner of WestCoast Handbell Supply, passed into eternal life on October 17, 2018. Mel was a long-time friend and mentor to me and so many others. Always a smile on his face and an air of welcome and helpfulness about him, he shared his knowledge, experience, and ideas with anyone seeking them. I will miss his encouragement and help, his honesty and integrity, and that warm smile!

Melville Tully, Jr.

Melville Tully, Jr.
Mel Tully, 75, passed into Eternal Life and  joined the Heavenly Choir on October 17th, 2018 at his home in Visalia, CA. Mel touched many lives with his ministry, kindness and laughter.

Born on March 2nd, 1943 in Inglewood, CA, Mel grew up in Los Angeles County. He attended California State University, Long Beach where he received his BA in Music, then began a career as a Minister of Music at Malibu Presbyterian Church. In 1980, he moved his family to Visalia to continue his ministry at First Presbyterian Church, Visalia and most recently at First Presbyterian Church, Lindsay. In 1989, he began driving school bus for Visalia Unified School District and spent many years driving children with special needs. 

While in Visalia, he became involved in the national handbell organization, serving on the board in various capacities, including area chairman and conference chair.

Many Christmas seasons saw Mel directing local musicians in Handel's Messiah, a personal favorite of his.

Mel married his high school sweetheart, Gail, in 1965 in Redondo Beach, CA and they enjoyed 53 years together.  Mel is survived by wife Gail, son Brian (Esmeralda) Tully of Bakersfield, daughters Cyndi Tully of Tustin and Cathy Tully of Visalia, brother Andrew (Becky) Tully, and three grandchildren, Andrew, Gabriela, and Daniela.

A memorial service will be held at First Presbyterian Church, Lindsay on November 17th at 12:00 pm, with reception following. http://www.hadley-marcom.com/obituary/melvile-tully-jr

Mel's family is establishing a scholarship fund in Area 12 to support directors attending Area 12 Conference and Director's Workshops. To make a donation, please visit Area 12 Scholarships.

Barbara Meinke
Communications Director/The Twelfth Tone
Hawaii - Karen Carlisle
Karen Carlisle

We were blessed this October to have Tammy Waldrop lead our Aloha Ring workshop. She did an outstanding session! Tammy shared the inspirations behind the music we were working on. Her piece,  Special Light, was commissioned for a handbell ringer who had passed away. Hearing about the interviews during her research for this piece was very interesting. For those of you who have had a session under Tammy, you'll know what we mean when we say we also loved the "Tinkerbell" method for playing the last note really, really quietly.

Tammy also worked with a choir from Kawaiaha'o Church, the church the Hawaiian royalty founded, and she gave some pointers to our community handbell ensemble during one of our regular rehearsals. We are playing several pieces she wrote and arranged! During her downtime, Tammy was able to experience some of the "Aloha" Hawaii provides: beaches, turtles, coconut drinks, car trouble, the swap meet, the Pali Overlook, and a lovely shrimp dinner on the beach during the sunset (with a flash flood warning!). Tammy helped me schlep bells to the YMCA for a demonstration and other fun things under the sun and storm clouds. I hope she'll want to come back after all that!

Karen Carlisle

For information on Hawaii's concerts, events,
and other opportunities,  click here .
Southern Nevada - Alison Pruett

Reminder this is the last month to register at the early bird rate for the annual Las Vegas 12th Night Handbell Festival! This is the only massed ringing festival in southern Nevada. Come join 100 other ringers to play under the direction of the incomparable Michael Glasgow. It's an opportunity to meet others in the area who enjoy the same passion. Can't convince your choir to attend? No worries! Individuals are welcome! There are always groups with openings for individual ringers or we even have extra sets of bells for individuals to use. All are welcome to join in extending the Christmas season a little longer.

The 24th Las Vegas
clinician - Michael Glasgow
January 11 - 12, 2019
Boulder City Recreation Center
Details and registration packages are available at  www.harmonyhandbells.com/festival

This event is endorsed by Handbell Musicians of America

Alison Pruett
For information on Southern Nevada's concerts, events,
and other opportunities,  click here .

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Los Angeles Metro - Sharon Guilliams

Howdy, Howdy LA Metro Directors and Ringers,

I would like to introduce myself, your new LA Metro Regional Coordinator. My name is Sharon Guiliams and I have been ringing for 30+ years. I am an engineer by schooling and vocation, but my passion for many years has been handbells. Currently, I am the remaining founding member of the South County Community Handbell Choir (SCCHC) and direct the SCCHC's youth bell choir, the Heavy Metal Youth. I also ring in a church handbell choir. My path to being a director was not by schooling, but by the fact that one of my choir directors knew that having a feeder choir was essential to having a good handbell program. The only issue was she was not fond of working with kids and so she asked me. While my job took me to some small towns throughout the country, I was able to continue ringing handbells; in some cases that meant resurrecting handbell choirs. I also have performed solos for many years. A director in Georgia wanted to keep me challenged, so she gave me a solo book and said "you should do a solo in a month or so." If she only knew what she started. When Scott asked me to be the LA Metro Coordinator, my only hesitation was that I live in San Clemente, which is the furthest south you can go in the LA Metro Region.

I look forward to working with everyone in the LA Metro area to make your handbell experiences better and I hope I can add value to your HMA membership. We will be working to finalize the details for the LA Metro Spring Ring shortly and hope to have the date, place and time nailed down. We would love to have it somewhere close to the LA/Orange County border to split the driving distance for everyone. If you know of a place please let me know.

If you have any comments, suggestions, or questions, please feel free to contact me.
Hope to talk to you soon.

Sharon Guilliams
For information on LA Metro's concerts, events,
and other opportunities,  click here.
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Southern California - Michèle Sharik

Hi there, SoCal!

Last month, I said I'd have the registration paperwork for the 2019 SoCal Spring Ring available for download by now, but I'm afraid I don't. This past month has been very busy for me and I just didn't get to this task. I apologize to you, but will make sure I have them available soon. When they are ready, I will announce it on Facebook, as well as in the December newsletter.

In the meantime, let's not forget the Christmas season is fast approaching! I know many of you are planning to play in the community and in your church, so please submit online or send that information to me for inclusion on the Area 12 calendar. Many people travel during the holidays and may be visiting other churches for Advent or Christmas Eve services. Let's help them find YOU so they can enjoy the holiday just a bit more.

As always, please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or comments about anything happening in the SoCal region. I am YOUR resource for all things handbells. If I don't know the answer, I will find someone who does!

workshop & free concert
 November 3, 2018
Temecula United Methodist Church
42690 Margarita Rd
Temecula, CA 92592

This event is endorsed by Handbell Musicians of America

My best,

Michèle Sharik
For information on Southern California's concerts,  events,
and other opportunities,  click here .  
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Composition Contest
The Area 12 Composition Contest
has returned!  

The Handbell Musicians of America Area 12 Composition Contest strives to expand the handbell repertoire with interesting and accessible compositions, while providing a tool for learning and enjoyment at the Area's biennial conference. T he winning composition will be performed at Red, White, and Bells!

Summary of the Rules
  • Composition Contest applicants need not be a member of Handbell Musicians of America.
  • Only one composition will be chosen.
  • Composition may be for Division A, B, C, or Combined Massed Choir.
  • Compositions may or may not add additional secondary instruments.
  • The winning Composition Contest entry shall be considered for publication.
  • If the adjudication panel deems no piece acceptable, no prize shall be awarded.
  • All compositions must be received no later than February 28, 2019.
We invite interested composers to visit the Composition Contest page on our website for full details. 

Have questions?
Central California - Christine Anderson

Hi, CenCal!

What does "sabering" a champagne bottle have to do with using a soft mallet on a bass bell? Search "sabering champagne" and take a good look at the motion used by the arm holding the saber. It's exactly the same motion you can use when holding a bell straight out, clapper facing the audience, and glancing the casting. It doesn't produce a "whomp" like the usual mallet strike does, but simply keeps the metal vibrating and sounding longer. After sabering the bell, with each stroke you can raise the lip of the bell upright, then face it out again for the next saber. It's beautiful visually and aurally. I use this technique on "Shenandoah" on the B4 right after the bridge.

Keep checking the Area 12 calendar ~ you never know when there might be a handbell event that's closer to you than one actually in your area.

Christine Anderson

For information on Central California's concerts, events,
and other opportunities,  click here .
Northern Nevada - Barb Walsh

On Score Preparation
(part 2)

After you figure out the style of the piece and what it sounds like, it's time to sort out the "puzzle pieces" and figure out the form. There's more to that than just looking at the 'road map' (checking for repeats, D.S., D.C., al fine, coda, etc.). A delightful attendee at the Long Beach Directors' Workshop said, "Form is like being given a bunch of puzzle pieces. To make sense of them and try to figure out the whole picture, you have to start with the edge pieces to build the frame. Then you have to sort the other pieces into like colors, unusual shapes, parts that make up a specific picture, and so on." Brilliant! Many hymn tunes are left in their original verse/refrain form. Often each verse is changed up a bit from the previous one. Noticing these variations will help in learning the piece and conveying its meaning to your audience. Often there are several "extra" measures that are reminiscent of the main melody at the beginning of the piece called an introduction. Those same or similar measures could be used in the middle as an interlude. The coda is at the end and puts the finishing touch on the piece.

Another tip to determining the form is to locate the melody(ies). Don't forget to look in all bell "voices": treble, battery and bass. Be aware that if the melody is in the bass or battery, it will usually have to be played louder in order to be heard over the treble bells. Speaking of being heard, if your bells play the melody, be sure to bring those notes out (volume, energy, visually, etc.). If they aren't, make sure they aren't as prominent as the melody bells. See if there is a countermelody or an obbligato part to bring out. Also, see if there are short, moving inner lines that add texture to the piece and bring those out as well. Bell composers who are also organists are famous for having more than one melody going at a time; Fred Gramann comes to mind!

If you missed part one, check out last month's issue. And keep your eye out next month for using what you learned in kindergarten!

Barbara Walsh
For information on Northern Nevada's concerts, events,
and other opportunities,  click here
San Fransisco Bay Area - Kendra Scott

Dear Bay Area,

I am writing this article as your new Chair-Elect! Thank you to all those who voted on all the ballot items. I look forward to my new role helping Scott with all things Area 12! Rest assured we will keep the Bay Area in capable hands. We are still brainstorming a replacement for me as Bay Area Regional Coordinator and welcome your suggestions! In the meantime I will fill in here as needed.

We are heading into the holiday season and I'm sure many of us have winter concerts, so make sure they're on our calendar so we can come support you! November and December are busy times for us, so don't forget to take care of yourself along the way!

Looking ahead, we will have the annual Bay Area Spring Ring on May 3-4, 2019, at Valley Church in Cupertino. Our clinician is the fabulous Nick Hanson! The repertoire for both the Intense Ring and Massed Ring are up on the Handbell Ventures website. Larry and Carla Sue will present our noon-time concert. We will once again feature a youth track, so bring those younger choirs! This event is endorsed by Handbell Musicians of America.

The Bay Area School Handbell Festival is March 28, 2019 at All Saints Catholic School in Hayward. The clinician-director is Barb Walsh from Reno, Nevada.  More information is available from the organizer, Dian Ruder  

Hope to see you all at these events!

Kendra Scott

For information on San Francisco  Bay Area's concerts, events,  and other opportunities,  click here .

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Northern California - Sandi Walker-Tansley

Sandi Walker-Tansley

For information on Northern California's concerts, events,  and other opportunities,  click here !