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4th Tuesday monthly, March 2023 through February 2024

12:00 pm - 1:30 pm ET | 11:00 am – 12:30 pm CT

10:00 am – 11:30 am MT | 9:00 am – 10:30 am PT

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Sage-ing International is pleased to announce our new program Turning Points, a unique 12-month interview series featuring 12 thought leaders whose wisdom has inspired and supported a great many people on the path of conscious aging and finding one’s sense of purpose and meaning in life. The uniqueness of these interviews will be the focus on the pivotal turning points in the lives of those who will be interviewed by Ron Pevny, Director of the Center for Conscious Eldering, and Katia Petersen, Co-Chair of Sage-ing International.


Katia and Ron each have extensive experience interviewing leaders whose work supports transformation. One of their goals in doing these interviews is to help “humanize” these influential figures so that others can relate to them as fellow seekers whose wisdom has been hard-won, and whose teaching and gifts are grounded in their journeys through both darkness and light.

Those who register will have the option to participate in the Turning Points Facebook group, available only to those who have registered for this series. In this group, we will feature information about the presenters and their work, and provide the opportunity for registrants to share with each other their reactions to the interviews, questions that have arisen, and personal turning points on their own life journeys. 


Katia Petersen PhD, is currently the co-chair at Sage-ing International. She is also the President of Petersen Argo Inc., an organization focusing on Transformational Leadership and Conscious Living. 

Katia brings decades of experience as a clinical psychotherapist, educator, and author, and is an Emmy award recipient for outstanding educational programming both on television and radio. She is known for her ability to shift one’s perspective on life, while re-igniting our sense of purpose and meaning. Dr. Petersen thrives as a motivational speaker, master trainer and mentor.

Ron Pevny, M.A., CSL, for forty years has been dedicated to assisting people in negotiating life transitions as they create lives of purpose and passion.

Ron is the Founding Director of the Center for Conscious Eldering, based in Colorado, which for 20 years has presented workshops and retreats across North America to support people in bringing purpose, growth, and service to their elder years.

Ron is author of Conscious Living, Conscious Aging: Embrace and Savor Your Next Chapter, published in 2014 by Beyond Words/Atria Books. Ron is also a Certified Sage-ing® Leader. He served as the host for Transforming Aging Summits presented by The Shift Network in which he interviewed 60 leaders whose work supports conscious eldering. 


Two options, the full 12-month program or a 6-month option.

Turning Points will feature one 90-minute interview per month using Zoom technology and employing the services of trained technicians to produce a professional quality product. Those who are registered but unable to view an interview at its scheduled time will be able to access the recording. 

If you decide to register for the series after it begins and miss a previous interview, a recording will be provided. The opportunity to register for the second six months will be offered in Spring 2023.

Register for the entire 12-month series or for the 6-month option


March 2023 through

February 2024

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Fees on Sliding Scale:

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March 2023 through

August 2023

Fees on Sliding Scale:

$225 Supporter

$198 Basic

$162 Reduced

an option to register for the second half of the series will be made available at a later date.

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