Turn Your Eyes to the Sky
Summer 2018
Welcome to our redesigned E-newsletter! This issue explores what our destinations have to offer above the horizon. Let’s turn our eyes to the sky and learn about the best places to see the stars (and sleep under them), the most picturesque sunset locations, a solar eclipse at the bottom of the world, and the mysteries of the northern lights.

Last month we launched our redesigned website, and if you haven’t checked it out yet, there is no better time than the present!

Angkor Wat , one of the world’s most famous temples, is meant to be heaven on earth for its worshipers, and it does look like heaven bathed in the vibrant red/orange glow of sunrise. Enjoy a spiritual moment as you watch the world awaken awash in vibrant colors ranging from ethereal blue to purples and pinks and finally a glowing orange. Take it all in from above the horizon in a hot air balloon, or view it across the water where the perfect reflection adds to the otherworldly ambiance of this sacred place. Not a morning person? The temples look pretty spectacular at sunset too!
Photo: Tarry Butcher
In Africa, the fun doesn’t stop when the sun sets. On Safari, the sky is the limit!

A “typical” afternoon safari ends with the time honored tradition of a “sundowner,” a relaxing and jovial toast to a fine day of game viewing. Your safari guide will take you to a particularly scenic spot - perhaps on a hill with an expansive view, or maybe next to a waterhole for an optimal spot to view game coming in to drink. The guide sets up a bush bar with traditional G&Ts, sodas, and some local snacks such as biltong, dried fruits, nuts, etc., and you toast the beauty of the setting sun. As dusk settles, it’s time to get back to camp...

There's been a lot of talk lately of travel to Mars. Currently, Borton Overseas is not offering it as a destination. However, you CAN visit the Atacama Desert in Chile. Not only is the landscape as similar to Mars as you can get, it also offers glimpses into the universe. Averaging an altitude over 10,000 feet above sea level and only six-tenths of an inch of precipitation a year, the Atacama Desert has some of the clearest skies on Earth. If stargazing is your passion, you would be hard-pressed to find a better spot. We'll add cultural experiences, sightseeing, transportation, and adventure options for your perfect trip !
The #1 Rule for Surviving Long Flights:
Staying Hydrated
At Borton Overseas, we are not strangers to long plane trips - flights to our destinations can range from 6 to 16+ hours! A positive inflight experience will depend on a number of variables, from seat selection to the right travel gear and entertainment, but the most important thing you can do on a long flight is to KEEP HYDRATED.

Start drinking water or Gatorade the night before your flight, and make sure to fill your water bottle or buy something for the plane once you are through security. When choosing your beverages think less caffeine/alcohol and more water/electrolytes - not only will this help you pass more time sleeping, but it helps prevent the dreaded jet-lag and is an important component in warding off deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

Read more about this and other inflight tips in this article from Smarter Travel
Our way of raising awareness and endorsing organizations that are making a difference in our destinations and our local community .
World Ocean Observatory (W20) is the leading organization advocating for the health and sustainability of the ocean through an accessible worldwide network of communication. Through education, partnership, information exchange, public connection, and relentless communications, they are committed to building an expansive global community of "Citizens of the Ocean" to promote and conserve marine resources for the future of all mankind.
Director of the World Ocean Observatory, Peter Neill, is a host and featured lecturer on our
The opportunity to witness an eclipse is a great reason to take a vacation and turn your eyes to the sky (but only with proper eye protection, of course!). Imagine watching a rare celestial event in one of the most otherworldly places on earth, Antarctica! On December 4, 2021, there will be a total solar eclipse over the White Continent. The moon will completely block out the sun and cast a shadow upon the earth. Will you be there to see it?

Eclipses (both lunar and solar) happen only a few times a year, and are only visible under clear conditions from certain locations directly along the sun's path of orbit. Seeing a total eclipse is a rare and highly sought after experience for both astronomers and the general public alike, making this trip a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

November 23 - December 12, 2021
Land/Cruise from $16,700 per person
Scandinavia’s skies need no introduction, since the midnight sun and northern lights are among the most popular requests from people planning a trip to the Nordic countries. Whether they are looking for a seemingly endless summer adventure with 24 hours of daylight, or a winter experience in the snow under the dancing auroras, Scandinavia does not disappoint! The trick is in knowing where and when you have the best chance of experiencing these natural phenomena.
The midnight sun can be witnessed...

Photos: (top) Harri Tarvainen/Visit Finland; (bottom) Gaute Bruvik/visitnorway.com
Accounting Manager
What is your background?
My background is in Accounting and Information Technology. I started at Borton as an Accounting/IT Temp and was hired permanently 5 months later.

What is your favorite thing to do on vacation?  
Stay home & go birdwatching! My vacations are generally built around bird migration. My highest yearly count was 201 different species in Minnesota in 2008. I'm the only person I know that gets up earlier on vacation than I do when I work.
What is your favorite vacation destination and why?
Northern Minnesota.  
There is the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, many great parks, The North Shore, as well as miles of areas to explore. 
What travel tips do you have for our readers? 
My only tip would be to listen to what our Destination Specialists have to say. Travel is their forte and they are so much more knowledgeable about it than I am. 
Any interesting hobbies/facts about yourself you want to share?
I am a former volunteer at the University Of Minnesota Raptor Center, and I am an avid musician and Ukrainian egg (Pysanky) designer.

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