Unlock the Hidden Potential of Your CCH Data

If you're struggling to access the valuable insights buried within your CCH data, the Scarpello Group's Practice Intelligence Solution can provide the solution you need. By linking your CCH DAU file to a powerful yet user-friendly dashboard, you'll gain the ability to easily manipulate your data to uncover trends, patterns, and other key insights. So don't let your data go to waste – let Practice Intelligence help you turn it into a valuable asset for your firm.


Once your DAU file is connected, you'll have access to a comprehensive dashboard, refreshed daily, that allows you to easily view and analyze multiple datapoints for each employee, job title, department and beyond. From billable hours to new business wins and utilization, you'll be able to quickly identify your top performers and gain valuable insights into your team's productivity.


Don't settle for measuring profitability on a project-by-project basis. Now you can dive deeper into your billing metrics and gain valuable insights into your firm's financial health. By analyzing billing profitability per WIP activity as engagements progress, you'll be able to track your profitability in real-time and identify areas for improvement. Plus, with easy-to-use aging reports, you'll have an up-to-date view of your outstanding accounts and be able to pinpoint which clients, partners, and services have the best payment history.

GET G.R.A.D.E.S: Gross Profit. Age of Relationship. Days to Pay. Expense Per Hour. Seasonal Hours Worked.


Using these metrics, you can score each client in the portfolio and assign a letter grade based on their overall performance. By tracking these metrics over time, you can identify trends and areas where the firm should focus its efforts. This allows you to better serve clients, optimize operations, and ensure the long-term success of your firm.

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How CPA Firms Benefit

“Our dashboard allows us to leverage our financial data in real time and helps our client managers to act on our financial information instead of reacting to the traditional historical financial views. The graphs and visuals promote active interaction with the numbers in an intuitive way for our users.”

Anita Eixenberger, JSP CPAs

"We can instantly compare Audit, Compilation and Review services across employees, employee groups and office locations to better understand previously hidden opportunities to improve profitability.”

Mark Jackson, Welch LLP

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