May 2021 issue 2
Tunnel's end approaching
ProAct President and CEO Judie Foster-Lupkin provides multiple updates, noting recent changes from DHS, the continuing need for virtual services, a newspaper column she wrote and the great work of ProAct's staff and its state organization -more-
Commitment to community, working through challenges heralded

"I want to acknowledge you and others at ProAct for your 'proactive' stance, ability to work through this tremendously challenging situation and for successfully coming through the other side of a very dark tunnel. Your commitment to community and to folks like Pam shines brightly through. You are amazing! Thank you.
-Family member
Special thanks to our SpringForwardMN contributors for $1,200 in support for ProAct's "Inside the Walls" Center for Autism project. And, congrats to the highest bidders for our Auction Basket items: Matt Prokosch, Anna Cahak and Stephanie Skordahl.
Hudson remembers, reaches out to vets for Memorial Day
Patients and staff at the Minneapolis VA Medical Center and visitors to Fort Snelling National Cemetery are enjoying handiwork and kind notes from ProAct participants in Hudson, Wis. They thanked veterans for their important work to keep the nation safe. -more-
In-person classes rejuvenate, connect, provide structure
After number of participants were isolated from their ProAct friends and coworkers for 12 to 14 months, many are back in-center and thriving as a result. -watch-
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Education, celebration for Cinco de Mayo
It was a big day for culture at ProAct in Red Wing, as classroom instructor A’ja Garza helped participants understand the real meaning of the Cinco de Mayo holiday, and used available materials to enhance the festivities.

“We dressed up in our attire, grabbed our shakers and learned about the actual history of Cinco de Mayo,” said Garza. Often mistaken as Mexican Independence Day, the holiday actually commemorates a single battle in 1862 when the Mexican army was victorious over France.

The armies back then prepared for battle, but ProAct’s participants
prepared for celebration. They painted ponchos on canvas cloth rolls, made shakers or maracas using cups, glue and rice and decorated them, Garza explains.
Shakopee plant sales net $3k
ProAct's May plant sales in Shakopee were months in the making. Participants planted seeds in March, cared for them as they grew and sold the mature plants in the greenhouse. Perennials donated by volunteers were very popular. The $3,000 in proceeds will be used for community trips in 2021. Sam Bisek gives a tour of the greenhouse and thanks volunteers and staff for making this fun project possible. -watch-
Marking first anniversary of virtual enrichment services
ProAct celebrated its one-year anniversary of Virtual Enrichment services on May 4. “ProAct Together” Virtual Services is a well-received innovation that helped participants to overcome the isolation and lack of stimulation brought on by the pandemic. -more-
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