Greetings Everyone,

I don't know about you, but the phrases "as we navigate through unprecedented times" and "settle in to the new normal" are really getting old! Agree? Let's take this to the next step, planning and recovery.

One thing is for sure, things are not normal and it may be a while before we can get back to something that is at least close to the normal we used to know. What steps are you taking in order to ensure that you are ready? Below you will find the link to a document we have prepared to assist with this:

Also, stay tuned for more benefit options and information about Small Business Week.

CLASS OF 2020 - Show your support
This year's DHS Senior Class is missing out on some of the best times of their lives, times they won't get back. Dinwiddie County Public Schools is requesting your assistance to show these students they are not forgotten!

If you have signage or a marquee that allows you to put up messages, please honor the Class of 2020! Take a picture and post it with the hash tag #classof2020strong.

You can also honor them by using the badge they created on your Facebook profile picture. To do this, tap on your profile picture, choose Add Frame, several categories will show up, you should be able to find it in one of them, if not, be sure to like the Dinwiddie County Public Schools Facebook page and then it will show up under "Frames From Pages You Like".

DCPS thanks you for supporting our Seniors.
Membership Meeting Reminder & Agenda

Good Afternoon Everyone,
We hope you will be able to join us online tomorrow (April 22nd) at 3pm for our monthly membership meeting.
A link to register for this meeting was sent out, please let us know if you need that link again.
Attached is the agenda for tomorrow. There is a small amount of information for the board to update you on but mostly we want to hear from you.
If you are unable to join us, please feel free to use the agenda to submit your responses to the agenda items and we can either share them on your behalf (if we receive them before the meeting) or afterwards. Our goal is to provide as many resources and networking opportunities as possible.
Hope you are well and we look forward to hearing from you tomorrow.
Thank you so much,
Chris Walters

On Going Sources of Information
We encourage you to continue to obtain up to date and accurate information. The following resources are a good start:

Both the chamber and the county Facebook pages are also being updated daily.

We thank you for your continued support and look forward to seeing you at our meeting tomorrow!

As always, we can be reached at for questions and assistance.