Hey there, Christine! It's been some time, but we're back on track with weekly news just in time to wish you and your loved ones a very special Easter. May you feel and share the life-giving peace and unconditional love of God our father and our Lord Jesus Christ.

Looking ahead, what are you doing October 12? I hope you'll join me at the 2024 Truth Speakers Uncensored: Disrupting the Culture conference inside the beautiful Founders Inn & Spa in Virginia Beach, Va., for an event that will rival the first two — and that alone will be difficult to do!

What else is new? Information about my SACRED Standers services (and how to support the mission), fascinating new Breakfast With Bacon interviews, how to book a keynote, seminar or coaching on marriage and relationships, and more. Scroll down for details and links!

Once again, it'll be a full day of powerful truths you can't get anywhere else quite like this from our all-star lineup featuring keynote speaker Fr. Chris Alar, Marian priest from Stockbridge, Massachusetts, and host of the highly popular Explaining the Faith program. His Divine Mercy YouTube channel has nearly half a million followers and for good reason — his talks are excellent, and Catholics worldwide are learning their faith and the catechism in a most clear and engaging way. This year's lineup also features Queen of Peace Media's entire Countdown to the Kingdom crew: Christine Watkins, Daniel O'Connor, Mark Mallet and Dr. Christine Bacon!

Mark your calendars and reserve your seats now at current early-bird prices (only $99 for general seating or $199 to be seated with one of our phenomenal speakers) before they sell out. Can't join us in person? Order post-conference access to the recordings for only $20! For those who want to support the mission of this important conference, sponsors and vendors are welcome and appreciated! Hurry now to TruthSpeakers.org/register! And to be kept in the loop as information unfolds, be sure to subscribe to Truth Speakers news and updates.

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Relationship Keynotes and Marriage Seminars

Millions of people every day face stressful, seemingly irreconcilable issues in their personal and professional relationships. Some are preparing to marry, trying to wrap their heads and hearts around the effects of an affair, or simply want their marriage to be the best it can be. Might you be the answer to their prayers?

I specialize in guiding individuals and organizations to transformative communication, understanding and more in their personal and professional leadership and relationships. Years ago I also accepted the calling to help God save a million marriages. Since then I authored the life-changing book "The Super Couple" and speak to large audiences about marriage -- everything from preparing for marriage to fighting (standing) for marriages in trouble. Contact me today for customized speeches and seminars to help members of your church, organization or community bring and receive the very best in the marriages and relationships which God has brought forth and blessed. Hot topic now: How to survive an affair, which includes specific strategies for recognizing affairs, the truths about the causes, and strategies for winning back your spouse’s love and regaining trust. Contact me today, and let's get it started.

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Free Standers Services

You may have heard the term before, but what exactly is "standing," and who are the standers? A stander is one who is standing for reconciliation of a marriage: a spouse, child, sibling, parent, etc. Standers believe in the covenant made at a wedding that “what God has joined together, no human must separate (Mk 10:9)” — not even a judge. There's more to it, and perhaps this message is finding you at just the right time.

If you or someone you love feels alone, hopeless, powerless or unaware that support and services exist at this critical, confusing and seemingly isolating juncture, today changes all of that. As part of my personal-spiritual mission to help God save a million marriages, I've been leading standers meetings and services for years. Please head to my website's SACRED Standers standing services page for the information and support you need. My standers services are free of charge. And, prompted by many who have asked how they can give back, pay forward or simply support the mission, I have recently added a voluntary donations button.

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Why hire a marriage coach?

It's not always easy getting along in this life. Communicating with loved ones (especially about heated topics), recognizing right from wrong, discerning spiritual truths, keeping yourself on the right track ... in many ways, it gets trickier by the day.

The trick to wrangling the trickiness? That's easy: Get the support you need. Let's talk about how I can help you and/or someone you love make the most of your relationships with self, others, God and life.

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Breakfast With Bacon "Reheats"

~ Food for Thought and Spiritual Growth, On-Demand ~

Here's a taste of what you might have missed:

"Most Terrifying and Detailed Descriptions of Hell, Purgatory and Heaven by Mystic Saint Frances of Rome"

March 26, 2024: Mystic St. Frances of Rome received incredibly detailed descriptions of hell, purgatory and heaven — extremely detailed and as scary as hell. Centuries later, Fr. Robert J. Nixon became the first to translate her visions into English. If they don't scare someone straight today, then little else can.

Watch the Interview Here

"Warning from 'American Groomer' Documentary Creator:

The Kids Are Not Alright!"

March 23, 2024: Parents and taxpayers, you're forking over your children and your money to school-sanctioned abuse. Elena Barbera is an average American mother turned unlikely YouTuber on her son’s channel. Tired of watching her country burn from the sidelines, she decided to pick a battle and fight it with her new documentary, "American Groomer." It tells the story of how American children are being sexualized and confused in their schools, the disturbing history behind it, and what can be done. Produced by, written by and starring Elena Barbera, the film features interviews from the leaders of Gays Against Groomers, the American Principles Project, the Child & Parental Rights Campaign, and everyday Americans on the streets of New York and Washington, DC.

The free short documentary is called “American Groomer,” and is about the sexualization of children in American schools. It covers the media coverups, the legal aspects (in 39 states it’s legal to show porn to schoolchildren), the social/emotional/physical dangers to our kids, and the disturbing history of how it came to be, with interviews featuring Terry Schilling of the American Principles Project, Jamie Michell of Gays Against Groomers, and Mary McAlister, Esq. of the Child & Parental Rights Campaign.

Watch the Interview Here

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