Thank a Trucker

We have so many people to be grateful for during these trying times. While we don’t own a fleet of fighters to salute our health care providers like the Navy’s Blue Angels, we can all thank our truckers when we see them. They are truly the Knights of the American Road. They bring us everything we need and in some pretty darn poor conditions lately. Let’s salute them all: pick-up, box truck, straight truck and big rig. You know the old saying - If you own it, it probably came on a truck.  
Graham on Great

Great customer experience that is. You either subscribe to John Graham’s most excellent newsletter or you should. He doles out marketing advice and nuts and bolts business tips that are well worth your time. And the newsletter is FREE. Last month John reported on his customer experience while shopping for new appliances. Side note: Visited Yale Appliance website. Holy cow. The blogs are so helpful. I could picture a streamlined version of this as being the ultimate retail tire site.  

Here’s Johnny...

It’s all about customer experience:

"We put it on the back burner for a couple of years, until we couldn’t wait any longer. So, one afternoon, we headed over to Yale Appliances, a venerable Boston store, to replace our 20-year-old stove and microwave.
Providing basic information, we set up an appointment online. They responded by introducing us to a salesperson, along with his photo. When we arrived, Tam was prepared.
In the showroom, he helped us narrow down our choices and answered product questions in detail, so that in an hour we left with two options and were armed with what we needed to make our decision. In a day or so, we placed the order. What followed was a series of touches that created trust, including a personalized message from the company president, a follow up from Tam, and a call to arrange the installation.
Then, a technician arrived to check the installation location, along with making sure the electrical service was adequate. When the delivery day arrived, the products were delivered and checked, and 20-minutes later the two installers got the job done quickly.
Once again, there were follow ups to make sure we were satisfied and to answer any questions. All along the way, we were encouraged to check with Tam if needed.
A week later, a personalized email from the president arrived thanking us and letting us know our questions and concerns were welcome, along with offering us free cooking lessons!"

Takeaway: From the initial contact through the post-delivery, the company sent a consistent, unified message: We want you as our customer. At every turn, this was backed up by a bond-creating performance. The message was not about “great service.” It was about a great experience. 

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Gary Sinise is a class act

I know many of you watch TV’s Fast ‘N Loud. A few weeks ago the Gas Monkeys built a custom Jeep CJ7 to give to the Gary Sinise Foundation. The Jeep was then auctioned off and $1.3 Million was raised to support the Foundation's efforts in building specially adapted smart homes for our severely wounded heros. And to make it even more local, I just learned that Cooper Tire has been donating tires to the Foundation for use by first responders. Our own Lancaster EMS was given tires for three of their frontline ambulances. In addition to the tires, the Foundation gifted extra funds for much needed personal protective equipment. Wanna know more about Gary Sinise Foundation and the Gas Monkey Jeep, click HERE . To learn more about the Lancaster EMS Facebook post on the gifts - click HERE .
Cooper Promo Reminders

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