All Sunday sermon titles are a few of the section headings

from Kate Bowler’s new book:

Have a Beautiful, Terrible Day!

Daily Meditations

for the Ups, Downs

and In-Betweens

February 14

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Kevin Kizer, saxophone

Imposition of Ashes

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when everything is out of control

when it’s not fair

when you need a little motivation to change

not drowning in other people’s problems

when you’re certain that today will be too  much

for everyday funerals

a blessing for a good pause

for a terrible day

honest faith

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Improv on 1 Corinthians 13

for Ash Wednesday on Valentine’s Day (excerpt)

— Maren Tirabassi

… Ashes are awkward; ashes are dirty;

ashes, like love, are not envious, boastful, arrogant or rude.

Ashes do not insist on a perfect Lent;

they do not even need to be in church

or a gimmick to get folks to church;

they do not inventory wrongdoing,

especially the wrongdoing of others,

but rejoice in the precious now,

the very fragility of life.

Ashes bear love, believe in love,

hope in the possibility

of forgiveness for everyone,

endure even times of lovelessness.

Forgiveness never ends.

As for spiritual practices,

they will come to an end;

as for both the precious hymn

and the passionate praise song,

they will grow quiet;

as for theology and faith formation,

believe me, they will change again.

For churches are always reaching

for a part of things,

while those who flee church

reach for another part,

but, when the full forgiveness comes —

it will look more like Valentine’s Day.

When I was a child, I said “I love you.”

I cut out pink and red hearts,

and gave them to everyone, even the bullies,

but when I became an adult,

I decided to make it more complicated.

Now in our churches and lives

we have become too fond of mirrors,

but some day we will see —

face to smudged face.

Now I love only in part;

then I will love fully,

even as I have been fully loved.

Today ashes, dust, and paper abide,

these three;

but the greatest of these makes a heart.

In case you were wondering about the Music Program…

To date, we have received exactly “zero” applicants for the permanent position. And we have suspended the "formal search" for the moment. In the meantime, I have made a recommendation to the Personnel Committee for a change in Rev. Dr. Pam Keckler’s title here.

Instead of Interim Music Ministry to Acting Minister of Music. To me it implies an “in between, but more settled” space. As in -- this is not the permanent person, but we're not actively looking for a replacement at the present moment. Also, a nod to the fact that she is ordained, and searches for music from that vantage point.

The Personnel Committee has agreed, so you will begin to see the change reflected in print. Thank you, Pam!

Pastor Dale

Inviting You to Contribute to the Special Music Fund

The Church Council has approved a bit of education about one of our “unbudgeted” funds. Unlike the regular music line in the operating budget, this fund can be replenished at any time by our giving. The money is used to pay our guest musicians, both the professionals, as well as college students who are Sacred Music majors and would like to build their confidence and experience in leading worship.

If you would like to participate – absolutely any time is appropriate. Just label a check or other gift -- “Special Music Fund .” (Please don’t divert funds that you have otherwise committed to Trinity!)   



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Dallas Sponberg Obituary

Dallas Faye (Holman) Sponberg, 100, formerly of Deerfield, IL passed peacefully on January 8, 2024 in Edina, MN. Dallas was born on September 8, 1923 in McKinney, TX, to sharecroppers Fred and Murrel Holman. Dallas recollected her childhood on the farm as rich in small adventures. Among them, riding her pony to school at age 6, and at age 12, driving a truck solo into town to pick up day-laborers. Dallas attended Texas Women's University then moved to Dallas where at a church dance, she met Lars-Birger Sponberg, an artist and Swedish immigrant. Their first date was to the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. These events foreshadowed 69 years together, centered on the arts and their faith. Eventually settling in Deerfield, Dallas was a loving mother to daughters, Ky and Jenny, and later, a devoted caregiver during Ky's long illness. She was an ardent supporter of Lars-Birger's painting career, alongside him at art fairs well into her 90s. Dallas had an easy warmth, genuine smile, and was disarmingly kind to everyone she met.

She loved her granddaughters, entertaining, storytelling, fellowship at Trinity UCC, and waiving to her neighbors and garbagemen from her kitchen window. She cherished Lars-Birger's extended family, her nieces, nephews, and cousins in Texas, and countless friendships. She was thankful for the caregivers at Brookdale and Care Tenders Hospice. Dallas is preceded in death by her daughter, Ky, and husband, Lars-Birger, parents, and siblings, Freida and Morris. She is survived by daughter, Jenny, and granddaughters, Livia and Bernadette Sponberg-Paraday. A memorial will be held Saturday, April 20, at 2:30 at Trinity United Church of Christ, Deerfield, IL. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to Trinity United Church of Christ. 760 North Ave, Deerfield 60015


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