It's almost Halloween, and the Eggert Family is excited! 

Below, discover the cause and some helpful solutions  for your SCARY bad breath. 

Then, get the lowdown on the best and worst Halloween candy for your kids' teeth, and find resources for a neat community service that helps you get rid of some candy and benefits our troops too!

Dr. Elizabeth & Dr. Jeff
Haunted by Halitosis?

Does the fear of halitosis keep you up at night? If so, you're not alone. Millions of Americans suffer from chronic bad breath. But you don't have to suffer through this waking nightmare. 

Fortunately, we know many of the causes of halitosis, so we can offer you ways to treat and prevent it.

The Best (and Worst!) Halloween Candy for Your Teeth

If your family is like the Eggert clan, your little ones look forward to Halloween with giddy anticipation. Even Dr. Elizabeth and Dr. Jeff have been known to sneak a piece of candy or two from their kids' treat buckets.

An occasional treat isn't going to do much damage, but binging on Halloween candy can wreak havoc on your teeth (and your kids' teeth, too). 

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4 Reasons Your Teeth Chatter

Check out our blog to find out four reasons your teeth are chattering that have nothing to do with being cold.

Too Much Candy?
Did you know an organization called Soldiers' Angels coordinates healthcare clinics and other local businesses to buy back your Halloween candy to help support veterans? It's true! 

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