It’s hard to imagine that it’s been nearly three months since we gathered for a very successful 2024 POC NOW Summit. We are thrilled by the continual growth and were excited to host over 300 industry professionals at this event. I encourage you to revisit highlights or share content with colleagues by visiting our Summit post-event site for videos and transcripts of each session.

Our Point of Care Academy is growing! We just launched four (soon to be five) additional courses. If you haven't registered, I encourage you to utilize the promotional code LEARNPOC24 for complimentary access. It is a great overview for those new to the point of care channel and serves as a valuable refresh for seasoned professionals. You can register or login on the Academy page.

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Pharmacies Emerge as a Powerful New Point of Care

As Millennials and Gen Z reshape healthcare trends, pharmacists are emerging as trusted guides for medication, care, and even clinical services. It’s not just your parent’s Rx refill destination anymore. Understand the behavior driving change, and how to strategically leverage changing currents. This shift presents a golden opportunity for healthcare marketers.

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3 Reasons Why Point of Care Wins Over TV

Turned on no longer means tuned in. The time is right to rethink media spend for pharmaceutical and medical advertising. Viewers are no longer tuning into TV ads. Luckily, the right channel to bring patients the messaging they want is at the point of care.

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Top Takeaways from POC NOW '24

From Big Pharma giants to innovators in patient engagement, the summit showcased the power of POC to benefit patients, providers, and brands alike. Revisit the day and maximize your takeaways in the post-event summary featuring key insights, strategies, quotes, and links from across the day's sessions.

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Phreesia Aims to Boost Adherence

One in five patients report failing to fill a prescription in the past. Phreesia’s newly introduced post-script engagement combats adherence barriers with personalized education and reminders about new and refill prescriptions immediately after they’re written.

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Is Your Health Messaging Reaching All Communities?

Diverse populations take-in health information differently across channels, according to a groundbreaking study by Dr. Julius Wilder. Identify the best ways to reach underserved communities with vital health knowledge based on new research. Health Monitor Network® CEO, Dave Paragamian, explores critical topics around equitable health literacy with Dr. Wilder. Tailor messaging to underserved communities by leveraging the right information, community engagement, and social media influencers.

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ConnectiveRx's Lisa Prowker Named PM360 Elite 100 Transformational Leader

Congratulations to Lisa Prowker, SVP of Operations at ConnectiveRx, for being recognized as a Transformational Leader in the 2024 PM360 Elite 100 Awards! Her work in point of care solutions exemplifies the critical role this segment plays in advancing pharmaceutical care and patient health outcomes.


Congratulations to our members who are being celebrated this quarter, and many thanks for their shared and defining dedication raising the bar for healthcare engagement. Their work in point of care solutions exemplifies the critical role this segment plays in advancing pharmaceutical care and patient health outcomes.

Lisa Prowker Named PM360 Elite 100 Transformational Leader

Lisa Prowker, SVP of Operations at ConnectiveRx has been recognized as a Transformational Leader in the 2024 PM360 Elite Awards!

MM+M Pinnacle Award: Mike Collette

CEO Mike Collette of PatientPoint took the stage for special mention at this year's MM+M Pinnacle Awards, honoring significant impact in the health industry.

MM+M Pinnacle Award: Richard Awdeh

CheckedUp's CEO, Richard Awdeh, M.D., was also among those lauded for their contributions to healthcare at the MM+M Pinnacle Awards,

"...we reach patients and providers at the point of care with valuable Rx information that helps them access needed medication. I'M PROUD TO BE PART OF THAT MISSION."  ~ Lisa Prowker, Connective RX


Nimble partners with independent pharmacies to help them make more money, save more time and delight their patients. They streamline pharmacy operations, so orders, refills, payments, and operational needs are centralized. For patients, Nimble makes it simple to pay for prescriptions and refills.

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Congrats to our members with newly certified product lines! These prestigious certifications demonstrate their unwavering commitment to top-tier best practices and rigorous verification processes.


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Recertification shows a notable and continued commitment to upholding the industry’s highest standards. Congratulations to our members who have successfully recertified their product lines with POCMA! 

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