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July 2023

Have you earned your certificate for completing level one of the POC Academy?

The Point of Care Academy is a program that educates the advertising industry about the Point of Care channel. Currently, level one is available on our website, and level two is in development. You can enroll in the program now and share your accomplishments on social media. Members of POCMA receive complimentary access.

Discover POCMA's Certified Product Finder tool, designed to assist you in your planning process. 

This tool is specifically designed for marketers to easily identify certified product lines based on the point of care setting, target audience, Healthcare Provider (HCP) specialty, and media tactic. The results are generated based on the selected criteria.

Are you getting the most accurate results from your POC advertising campaign analysis?

Our latest research offers five key recommendations to help improve POC performance management. The five-month study, done in partnership with Syneractiv™, surveyed the POC industry with interviews with POC analytics experts and empirical benchmark analysis. The full study can be accessed here

Noteworthy Points from Members

The Power of Patient-Provider Relationships: How Point of Care Marketing Enhances Communication, Contributes to Better Outcomes

An exploration on how point of care marketing is effective in breaking communication barriers between patients and their providers, across doctor’s offices, hospitals, and outpatient centers. Using datapoints from WebMD surveys and interviews with physicians, the whitepaper shows how a 360-approach to healthcare content empowers patients and their caregivers to participate fully in—and better manage—their health.

Telehealth Powers Efficiencies in Patient Care

Digital healthcare technologies have their limitations, but telehealth has clearly demonstrated the ability to address and alleviate the nationwide traffic jam currently taking place in brick-and-mortar medical offices. Read the article here.

Cutting through the clutter: How to best engage chronic disease patients  

In today’s digital world, chronic disease patients are inundated with messaging that often doesn’t align with their individual healthcare journey. Industry experts from Ironwood Pharmaceuticals, Regeneron and CMI joined Phreesia in a discussion of key ways to cut through the clutter and create a tailored messaging experience for individuals with chronic diseases. Read their advice in this blog post

POC Marketing Proven to Increase Medication Adherence

PatientPoint recently published a thought leadership piece revealing how messaging at the doctor’s office is proven to influence patients to stay on therapy. This must-read article shares specific case studies from PatientPoint’s tenured Strategy & Insights team.

PatientPoint Content Honored with Inaugural Telly Awards:

As a Telly Award winner, PatientPoint joins some of the world’s most recognizable brands including Netflix, the National Geographic Society and Paramount—reinforcing its creative dominance not only in healthcare but also among content across industries

Health Monitor will help you create and promote your very own branded podcast.

Reach, educate and motivate patients with condition-specific audio content featuring notable medical talent, insights and practical tips. Click here to learn more.

POCMA Board Member Laura Blair Gets Industry Distinction 

Laura Blair, SVP Business Development at ConnectiveRx was named Sales MVP in the recent 2023 PM360 magazine Elite Awards. The awards were designed to recognize the most influential people in the healthcare industry—true catalysts who are creating extraordinary results and responsible for designing the future of healthcare. ConnectiveRx President and Chief Commercial Officer, Frank Dana, had this to say about Laura, she “combines business problem-solving with a tremendously human-centered approach to desired outcomes, examining a brand’s specific ability to impact access and speed along the patient prescription journey.”

Read more here.

CheckedUp is Honored to Receive the Prestigious Gold Hermes Award for Excellence in Marketing and Communications!  

The Hermes Creative Awards recognizes the best in traditional and digital platforms, showcasing publications, branding, websites, videos, and marketing programs. This esteemed award acknowledges exceptional creativity, effectiveness, and impact, highlighting commitment to setting new industry standards. This achievement is dedicated to the CheckedUp team's hard work and dedication, as well as the trust and support of our clients and partners.

Recertification Solidifies Trust for WRSS Public Place Database  

Waiting Room Subscription Services’ proprietary public place location database helps Point of Care media providers find the best locations for their target audiences. WRSS’s Kellie Watt shares why the company decided to undergo the process of having its database recertified by AAM. Read more here.

Welcome New Members

We are pleased to announce the following companies have joined the Point of Care Marketing Association. We look forward to collaborating with them to advance the Point of Care channel.

Industry Points of Interest

Pharmacists Will Play Critical Role in Helping Patients Navigate Digital Therapeutics: As digital therapeutics become increasingly popular, pharmacists will play an important role in helping patients navigate their options, according to a commentary published in the Journal of the American Pharmacists Association.

Why You Should Care About Point of Care Advertising at the Electronic Health Record Level: Revolutionize your healthcare marketing strategy with point of care marketing at the EHR level. Learn how to support HCPs every step of the way in this must-read article!

The next era in pharmacy: Five key insights from the consumer care and cost trends survey: Great insights on how pharmacies are emerging as first-line options for nonemergent care across most demographics. Pharmacists are shifting to address consumer needs, integrate more fully into the care team, and expand access.


Product Line Certification

POCMA has recently recertified several media companies for their product lines' compliance with our Verification and Validation Guidance. As an organization, our aim is to establish industry best practices to foster trust among media buyers, clients, and Point of Care providers who interact at the point of care.

  • Physician's Weekly Print Wallboards (HCP & Exam)
  • Phreesia Patient Connect
  • Targeted Media Health Coverwraps & Healthcare Guides
  • Health Monitor Network Print Education Guides & Digital Screen Network
  • CheckedUp Explorer Waiting Room TV & Consult Exam Room Digital Wallboard
  • InStep Health In-Store Media Display
  • Mesmerize Health Education Guides, Medical Essentials (Bandages, Height Charts, Sticker Sheets), Exam Table Paper, Pharmacy Bags, Pharmacy Posters, Waiting & Exam Room Posters, Pharmacy Literature Distribution, Waiting & Exam Room Literature Distribution

We also have a downloadable PDF of all certified product lines.

Visit our website at pocmarketing.org

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