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Dr. Jerome Rerucha

When spring and summer time occur there is an increased activity by all age groups. New sporting seasons occur for students and the adult weekend warriors may partake in different activities due to better weather and the start of recreational leagues. Every sport or activity has a predisposition to certain injuries. Ankle sprains are one of the most common injuries throughout open skilled sports, (football, baseball, basketball, soccer, tennis, etc.). Ankle sprains are also common for the non-athlete such as stepping off a curb wrong. In either case, we as clinicians will see plenty of sprained ankles, and it is important to be clinically prepared. 

In this newsletter I am going to show you how I treat sprains using the  Erchonia Laser, Adjustor and Percussor Calf Master, Four Level Slant Board, Balance Pad and more.

Dr. Jerome

Treating Ankle Sprains
Ankle sprains respond great to the Erchonia Laser. To simply place the laser in the stand and perform an unattended treatment will get many remarkable testimonials from patients. Do not underestimate the value of the basic settings; 9, 16, 42, and 53. The next most commonly chosen setting would be "Acute Trauma". If the continued need for care persists "Ligament" will be the laser frequency of choice and, of course, the need for structural correction and soft tissue release. 

There are 26 bones in each foot, 33 joints and more than 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments. Adjusting the foot will further the symptomatic success and is necessary to remove compensation once activity resumes. I love performing all manual adjustments. Even if you are great with manually adjusting extremities, you will find additional benefit using the Erchonia Adjustor instrument. The accuracy and line of drive, when utilized by the practitioner is quick, easy and very effective. Especially by taking the foot and ankle through gentle motion while performing accurate adjustments anatomically and with proper intensity applied. 
There is soft tissue injury involving muscles of the foot and throughout the calf.  Fascial torquing and trigger points are common side effects in the peroneus longus and brevis as well as the primary muscles of the foot and calf. Using the Erchonia Percussor as described on my "Percussor Basics DVD" will instruct how to "unwind" the fascial injury that is commonly left untreated. And no more fatigued and sore hands for the practitioner when removing trigger points and adhesions in the calves. The percussor is a doctor saver! 
Clinical exercise is a major part of my practice. If you are treating sprained ankles make sure you return strength and range of motion to the foot, ankle and calf musculature. There is a lot of "weenie" rehab performed out there but not in my practice and hopefully not in yours. Some of the best equipment you can bring into your practice and can be used safely on seniors and provide benefits to world champion athletes are the Calf Master, Balance Pad and a 4 Level Slant Board.
Flexibility and strength are necessary to prevent ankle sprains and to ensure full recovery from acute ankle sprains. A four-level slant board allows me to measure and assist in ankle flexion and calf flexibility. Inflexible foot and calf musculature creates a variety of tensegrity compensations throughout the whole body. 
The "Calf Master" is used to improve strength through proper range of motion, in a variety of foot positions. This simple piece of equipment is a valuable training tool among elite athletes who require very, very fast footwork. But I have brought it from the elite training world to the clinic to help regular patients progress way beyond using standard methods. The "Calf Master" is also more beneficial for improving balance to the senior population than the weenie balance protocols you will see people do standing on a Balance Pad. 
I did mention the Balance Pad, and we do sell it to our patients for home exercise and to clinicians on our website. But we do not use it in the traditional single leg and 'stand in a neutral position thinking you are doing a great balance exercise'. Get some real use out of it by doing deep squats (even one legged), and kettlebell swings barefoot. Work your way up to perform a set of 25 one legged calf raises as high on your toes as possible and pause at the top, while not holding onto anything. Now that is a clinical exercise that will attract you to more than symptomatic patients. And you can laser the patient while performing these dynamic clinical exercises; simple or advanced levels. 
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