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April 2017 News

This spring, are you looking to lose weight and keep it off? We've just launched our new Keep it Off 
weight loss program!
See below for details.

Also this month we're sponsoring the G/F         Allergy Fest and Edible Austin's  Children's Picnic. Come join the fun and swing by our booth for samples! 

But first, check out our  informative articles below and awesome new events  to your right ! See you soon! :-)
Happy, Healthy Spring! 
~ Your Friends at Peoples  

Wanderlust Essentials & Travel Must-Haves
Have you ever left for a trip unprepared? 

We've created a special wellness wanderlust kit that will have you prepared and excited for even impromptu travel!  
Menopause Symptoms are NOT Normal!
Hot flashes, low libido and mood swings are not normal symptoms of menopause. In fact, the only normal symptom of menopause should be the absence of menses. Learn what these symptoms mean and how you can stop suffering!       

Mon., April 3 @ 6PM

Mon., April 3 @ 7PM

Mon., April 17 @ 7PM

Mon., April 24 @ 7PM

Thurs., April 27 @ 7PM


Heartfulness Meditation: A Simple Way to Build Happiness and Well-Being at  Oak Hill Wellness
Thurs., April 6

April 8-9

Sun, April 23

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