Success Stories
Overcoming Barriers to Achieve Independence
A single mother and her three children were on the verge of becoming homeless; they needed immediate housing. The rental property was up for renewal, but the property manager would not agree to renew her contract for another year. She could not find a section 8 property that would accommodate her family. She discovered ADANC and contacted our agency to get help with this issue.  

With only 28 days before her lease was up, a Community Inclusion Specialist began making cold calls to all the apartment complexes within the area she wanted to live in. Through much persistence, we found a three-bedroom apartment. After seeing the place, she was ecstatic and began filling out the application.  

She was approved for the unit after overcoming the section 8 inspection, and it is sitting there waiting for her. The Community Inclusion Specialist is proud to have helped a single mother achieve her goal. She will be moving into a safe community to raise her family. Her children will get to grow up in a safe and well-maintained environment, and they are ready to move in.  

The overwhelming feeling to help others in the disability community succeed is what drives our organization, and it truly is an amazing feeling to be able to help a family overcome barriers and establish independence in a community of their choice. 

The Art of Peer Support

An ADANC staff member recently started a peer support group for consumers to reduce the isolation they may be feeling during the pandemic. The staff member prepared questions for the first group meeting centered around how participants feel about having a disability and how they are coping with the pandemic. While it was a small group for the first meeting, the consumers gave the facilitators positive feedback around how the session went. 

One participant explained he had been hoping the Community Inclusion Group would run a support group for a while now. The staff member sent an evaluation form after the meeting to gather feedback to plan for future peer support group meetings. The staff member has also heard from other consumers who are interested in attending future meetings. 

Travel Training
ADANC’s Travel Training program has empowered consumers to independently ride a fixed bus route. One-on-one instruction teaches travel safety and independence for the bus system in the Raleigh-Cary Urbanized area. Participants learn travel skills to meet their individual needs while using a specific bus route. These routes can consist of traveling to school, work, or a community destination, such as malls, movies, the library, or just a friend’s house

Our staff’s track record of implementing a model for creating change and establishing smart commuting options awarded us GoTriangle’s Community Impact Award in 2017. This award recognized our service as a meaningful contribution to solving transportation challenges across the Triangle.
ADANC recognizes the complexity and frequent changes in COVID-19 policies, and information. We are continuing to update and expand our resource page to help the community and visitors find the latest information. Whether you are a consumer, a parent/legal guardian, healthcare worker, veteran, etc. we will have the latest information available and accessible. 
Amazon Smile
Consider ADANC and the Disability Community this Holiday season. Shopping through Amazon Smile grants a donation to the agency for each purchase. Every little bit counts and when hundreds of supporters shop online, these donations quickly add up.

Help us create new programs and services that empower people who experience a disability to live independently and inclusively in our community.
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