Candle Gazing

"Your imagination is your preview to life's coming attractions."

~ Albert Einstein

Do you ever find yourself in moments of distraction, searching for your phone or forgetting why you entered a room? Or when you're searching for a word and "poof," it's gone from your mind. Those instances might be cues to assess your mental focus.

I want to introduce you to a form of meditation called Trataka. Trataka is Sanskrit for "to look" or "to gaze." It is an ancient practice of meditation used in Ayurvedic medicine that involves focusing the eyes on an external object, a single point of light, preferably in darkness.  

Trataka isn't just eye exercise; it's a path to more profound meditation. In today's chaos, meditation becomes a tool to slow down, be present, and ground yourself. This unique form of meditation is proven to relieve stress, ease anxiety, and clear negative thoughts. 

Regular trataka practice boosts intuition, visualization, and spiritual connection—offering a reflective journey into navigating the world.

A 15-minute daily practice is all you need to manifest your dreams. So, grab a candle, sit, and breathe. Let your gaze guide you back to your center.



Consider starting with a 5-minute meditation. It's essential that you have a deep and rewarding experience. Meditation builds on itself over time. Each sit increases your ability to focus, be present, and explore your mind.


Pick a time that's right for you, and stay consistent. Turn off your phone and minimize disturbances. Pick a place in your home where you can call your sacred place. A place where whenever you sit down to meditate, your mind will automatically start to calm itself and tune into mindfulness.


As you settle in and before you start your meditation, spend a few minutes setting your intention. Be deliberate and mindful about how you are going to use this time. Is it to reduce stress, build emotional awareness, or improve your focus? Defining your purpose will help guide the mind as you meditate.


There are many types of meditation. Trataka is just one. Remember to mix things up a bit and experiment. Different kinds of meditation have different effects on the body and mind. Enjoy it! It may be the only time to spend with yourself today.


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By Roger Walsh MD.,PhD.

Roger Walsh MD., Ph.D. DHL graduated from Queensland University with degrees in psychology, physiology, neuroscience, and medicine, Roger is a student, researcher, and teacher of meditation and yoga. His books include Paths Beyond Ego, The World of Shamanism, and Essential Spirituality.


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