May 12, 2022
Federal News, Legislation & Policy Updates
Although there's not much activity in Congress currently related to public transit legislation and policy, there's plenty of developments coming out of U.S. DOT and the Federal Transit Administration as new investment levels provided through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law/Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act (BIL/IIJA) are applied to transit funding programs.

The full apportionment tables for Fiscal Year 2022 were released by FTA last month. Be sure keep tabs on your allocations and let us know if you have any questions on the models in place to distribute funds. Also, 11 systems across the SWTA Nation were selected as part of the FTA's 2022 Bus & Bus Facilities Program grants totaling more than $47 million. Nationwide, 70 projects and more than $409 million was awarded through the program this year.

Special grants are also in order for San Antonio's VIA Metropolitan Transit, which found its North-South Bus Rapid Transit Corridor recommended for funding through the Capital Investment Program (CIG), while another 11 BRT or rail corridors are in various stages in FTA's CIG project pipeline. Meanwhile, FTA recognized Houston Metro as the first agency to submit its climate action plan in February of this year, and Austin's Capital Metro was honored with the Champions of Change Award for systems that developed plans that include achievable, ambitious strategies for reaching their GHG emission reduction goals. (Full details available here)
VIA's proposed North-South BRT Corridor
Finally, FTA announced a new initiative to to develop standards for exportable power systems from electric and fuel cell-powered buses, which can supply electricity to community buildings, emergency shelters and hospitals during power disruptions. With the prevalence of natural disasters and emergency situations across the SWTA Nation, we'll be monitoring this effort from FTA carefully.

As always, please don't hesitate to reach out to me at or 225.270.0855 on any challenges your organization might be facility with legislation or policy at any level, or if you have questions on any of these programs or initiatives from the U.S. DOT and FTA.