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Leading to Improve | Nyland News | Dec 2020
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Growing Great Leaders, Teams, and Outcomes
cul·ture /ˈkəlCHər/
the customs, social mores, and achievements of a particular ... social group.
... in this issue:

Group culture is one of the most powerful forces on the planet.
– Daniel Coyle
Culture eats strategy for breakfast. - Peter Drucker
Never underestimate the power of the status quo. - John Kotter
John P Kotter
Pull together groups who have a positive attitude and can relate to opportunity. Give them some rope to think through new, bolder options, and then follow through and make things happen.
Tool Kit: The Culture Code
Highly Successful Groups:
  • Build Safety and Belonging
  • Ask staff what they do best
  • Be vulnerable to grow trust
  • Embrace problems
  • Establish core values
  • Name their top priorities
  • Use crises to get better
Growing Racial Equity
Leading equity ... an emerging framework that impacts:
Growing Core Values
How to grow strong core values that help you become a 'learning organization' in word and action.
20 Top Reads for 2020
Equity * Leadership * History * Education * Spiritual Growth
What to do when ... you have no idea ... and the stakes are high
Lessons learned from leading, listening and learning in the midst of the pandemic. Best ideas from con keeping it all together.

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