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June 27, 2024

Dear MCC,

Church is not simply a place you go, YOU are the church. How can we, as the church, fully live up to our potential?

What if by being the church, instead of just going to church, we are all able to improve our connections with the people in our lives? What if by being the church we could strengthen our relationships, not only within the church community, but also with our family, friends, and coworkers? We can!

For some time now I have been doing significant research on many communication and coping theories, in order to shape a program for our church community. I announced this last Sunday in my sermon, and I invited you to be in a place of discernment about whether you feel called to be one of the early participants in this new program.

I believe deeply in our denomination’s slogan: transforming ourselves as we transform the world. I know that now is a great time to live fully into the call for transformation. Since Sunday, many people have reached out for more information about this emerging program, and I am excited to share more information with you.

In the coming weeks, I will be forming a committee of people who will be the first to test out this new curriculum. If you are interested in learning more, please click here to let me know! Don’t worry, by clicking this link, you aren’t automatically signed up! This is just a helpful way for me to track who wants more information.

I look forward to learning and growing alongside of you!

You are loved,

Rev. Jakob

he/him/his (Why list pronouns? Click here to learn more!)

p.s. I was honored to have MCC Tampa and my ministry included in this ABC news story this week. Click here to watch.

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New Upcoming Activities

Thank you again for making a difference here at MCC Tampa, your contributions make it all possible. 

You are Loved,
Rev Jakob Hero-Shaw
Senior Pastor

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